Patou Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Patou Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Patou Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show 'DANCING DIARIES' (July 2, 2024).

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In a nod to the roaring 1920s, Guillaume Henry, the creative force behind Patou, orchestrated a fashion show that seamlessly blended glamour, playfulness, and sustainability. The Patou Spring Summer 2024 collection, aptly named "Dancing Diaries," aimed to bring a smile to people's faces while addressing the need for environmentally conscious fashion choices. With a focus on kooky, accessible, brightly-colored French-girl style, Henry's designs captured the essence of carefree fun and celebration.

Taking inspiration from the legendary couturier Jean Patou, who famously turned his in-house showings into parties by installing a cocktail bar in his salon, Guillaume Henry recreated the same lively spirit a century later. The fashion show featured a central DJ booth in a neon-pink-lit mock-club setting, exuding a festive ambiance. Henry expressed his belief that fashion should evoke joy and dedicated this collection to the cherished customers of Patou.

As a continuation of the previous season's "Shopping Diaries" show, which depicted Patou customers wheeling their bags around a department store, the concept behind "Dancing Diaries" centered around the idea that these customers were searching for clothes to wear while partying. The collection comprised a mint, pink, orange, and peach cocktail of colors, reminiscent of summer Sunday-evening clubs in Paris.

Guillaume Henry is not a designer who relies solely on abstract theories or elaborate mood boards. Instead, he finds inspiration in his friends, young female colleagues, and the diverse Patou influencer-friends. By observing the wider world, Henry tapped into the desire for sparkle, leg-baring designs, and an overall lighthearted and fun-loving attitude to life.

The styling of the Patou Spring Summer 2024 collection transported viewers to the '60s and '70s, infused with a touch of Lacroix's poufy taffeta from the '80s. This approach beautifully captured the sexy escapism that is also seen in other notable French brands like Jacquemus. While Patou could have drawn inspiration from Hedi Slimane's youth-centric Celine, Henry decided to address the serious times France was facing by cancelling the show due to ongoing riots.

Throughout history, fashion has often offered a sense of lightness and delight during challenging times. Patou understands this intrinsic purpose and strives to maintain it while embracing sustainable strategies. Guillaume Henry proudly highlighted that 70% of the fabrics used in the collection were recycled or sustainably sourced. Even the zig-zaggy sparkly embroidery showcased in the designs was created using environmentally-friendly glass beads instead of less sustainable sequins, reinforcing Patou's commitment to eco-consciousness.

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