PH5 Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

PH5 Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

PH5 Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at New York Fashion Week SS24 (September 13, 2023).

PH5's Spring Summer 2024 collection took center stage with a unique and unexpected runway show, showcasing a deep appreciation for its roots and the craftsmanship behind its creations. Designers Zoe Champion and Wei Lin presented a collection that went beyond fashion trends, making a powerful statement about the brand's commitment to its factory in Dongguan, China.

In a departure from traditional runway shows, PH5's SS24 collection began with two models carrying piles of clothes down the runway, sparking curiosity among the audience. However, it quickly became apparent that this was a symbolic gesture, as the entire collection was a heartfelt homage to the Dongguan factory. Lin's personal connection to the facility, where her mother worked her way up to run the business, added a sentimental touch to the designs.

The show notes explicitly declared, "This is the heart of Ph5, our factory is our atelier, they are our cheerleaders, and our innovators." The designers aimed to highlight the beauty found within a factory setting, challenging preconceived notions about knitwear and emphasizing the wealth of knowledge accumulated by the skilled artisans over the years.

Known for its experimentation with trompe l'oeil prints, PH5 took a different approach this season by turning images of the factory into vibrant pop-art prints. This move not only showcased the brand's creative evolution but also emphasized the connection between the garments and their place of origin.

While PH5 is renowned for its compact heavy knits, the SS24 collection introduced moments of lightness, exemplified by a floaty Pepto-pink dress featuring a playful variation of the brand's signature wave. The juxtaposition of sturdy graphic pieces and airy creations underscored the brand's versatility.

The runway show took place on the roof of the Public Hotel, providing a unique backdrop for the eclectic styling choices. Chunky Hoka slides, knee-highs resembling compression socks, and unconventional belts added an urban edge to the collection, aligning seamlessly with the downtown setting.

One of the noteworthy features of the collection was the use of dyes that changed color with UV exposure. Staging the show outdoors allowed PH5 to showcase this innovative element, adding an interactive and dynamic dimension to the presentation.


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