Rentrayage Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Rentrayage Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Rentrayage Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at New York Fashion Week SS24 (September 11, 2023).

In a bustling week filled with fashion shows set against the iconic backdrop of New York City, Rentrayage's Spring Summer 2024 presentation stood out for its unique location - ABC Carpet and Home. But there's more to this choice than meets the eye. Designer Erin Beatty had a special announcement to make - she was launching a line of home goods at this cherished institution. This move signified an exciting expansion for Rentrayage, as it marked their first venture into developing and launching their own home goods.

The Spring collection drew inspiration from Rentrayage's newfound foray into home goods. One striking ensemble featured a striped button-down shirt adorned with a patch pocket embellished with a delicate embroidered handkerchief. This shirt was paired with a distinctive hybrid maxi skirt crafted from the hips and waist of a pair of jeans, combined with the body of a trenchcoat. Beatty revealed, "We had all these vintage trench coats where we used the tops but hadn't used the bottoms, so we've just been trying to figure out ways that we could use them."

The creative repurposing extended to vintage lace tablecloths, which were transformed into frilly bralettes and drapey blouses. The romantic frills of these pieces were artfully balanced with a shirred-waist army green maxi skirt and a pair of long denim shirts featuring a reconstructed sand-color camo print jacket. While Erin Beatty has garnered recognition for her upcycled denim creations, this season, her tailoring skills took center stage.

Tailoring with a Twist - Rentrayage's Spring Summer 2024 collection featured innovative tailoring that blended traditional with contemporary. A standout piece was a simple two-button jacket crafted from a floral printed deadstock fabric sourced from Portugal. This modern take on a New Look-style jacket boasted a cinched waist and a slight flared volume that culminated just at the hips. When paired with jeans featuring rectangular pieces of the same floral fabric appliqu├ęd down the front of the legs, it transformed into Rentrayage's version of a power suit, combining sophistication with a unique twist.

The Influence of Smoky Days - Erin Beatty revealed that the collection took shape during the smoky days that enveloped New York City, caused by the Canadian wildfires. She reflected, "I was like, 'Is this what it looks like as we head into the apocalypse?' And then I thought, 'Well, what do you want to wear?'" This contemplation led to the creation of a collection that exudes an air of resilience, offering garments that are not only stylish but also imbued with a sense of preparedness for whatever the future may hold.

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