Rick Owens Spring Summer 2024 Men Fashion Show

Rick Owens Spring Summer 2024 Men Fashion Show

Rick Owens Spring Summer 2024 Menswear collection fashion show at Paris Men Fashion Week SS24 (June 22, 2023).

Rick Owens's Spring Summer 2024 Men's Fashion Show was a visually captivating and thought-provoking presentation that combined elements of ancient and futuristic aesthetics. The show was marked by frequent bursts of fireworks and billows of colorful smoke, creating a striking contrast between the apocalyptic and ecstatic atmosphere.

Owens showcased his signature silhouette, characterized by wide shoulders and ankles, cinched at the waist, resembling bowties. This unique design was intentionally inclusive, allowing people of different body types to embrace the look. The high-waisted pants, positioned at the base of the sternum, added an interesting focal point, challenging conventional notions of proportion.

The juxtaposition of the show's setting and themes with the global context was notable. Owens acknowledged the meeting of the IMF and World Bank in Paris, addressing the urgent need to address climate change and natural disasters. The designer questioned whether the current trend of indulging in luxury was a response to fear or a relief after the COVID-19 pandemic. This contemplation added depth to the show, hinting at the complex motivations behind our consumption habits.

The collection, titled "Lido," drew inspiration from Owens's home near Venice and featured a mix of Victorian-inspired structured garments and gothic Flintstones-inspired ensembles. The combination of hard shoulders and soft, draped silk organza created a captivating tension. The inclusion of leg-brace boots and "brutalist concrete sandals" added a primitive touch to the overall aesthetic.

Owens's show conveyed a sense of resilience and determination. He expressed a desire for the rain to continue during the show, mirroring the emptiness and determination of his previous audience-free presentations during the pandemic. By drawing inspiration from Diana Ross's rain-soaked concert, Owens sought to channel a similar spirit of perseverance.

The collection embodied mindful consumption, showcasing a fusion of contradictory elements with a purpose. It celebrated beauty while acknowledging the challenges faced by society. Overall, Rick Owens's Spring Summer 2024 Men's Fashion Show was a captivating and thought-provoking display of fashion with a strong artistic vision.


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