Sandy Liang Fall Winter 2024-25 Fashion Show

Sandy Liang Fall Winter 2024-25 Fashion Show

Sandy Liang Fall Winter 2024-2025 collection fashion show at New York Fashion Week FW24 (February 11, 2024).

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Sandy Liang's return to the official CFDA calendar for Fall Winter 2024-2025 comes as no surprise after a year of unprecedented success in 2023. With sold-out Baggu launches, a buzz-worthy sample sale on Orchard Street, and the endorsement of K-Pop sensation Jennie, Liang's ascent in the fashion world has been nothing short of meteoric. Her distinctive aesthetic, characterized by pleated skirts, ballet flats, and bow motifs, has become ubiquitous on the streets of New York City.

Despite internet proclamations of the bow's demise in 2024, Liang remains steadfast in her embrace of this signature motif. In her fall collection, she reinvents the bow in more subtle iterations, eschewing the exaggerated forms of previous seasons in favor of miniature accents. These understated bows serve as delicate button replacements on jackets and unexpected embellishments on tailored pantsuits, adding a touch of whimsy to classic silhouettes.

Standout pieces from the collection include regal long-sleeve A-line dresses, offered in an enchanting palette of pastel hues such as baby pink and sky blue. Inspired by the elegant style of the Princess of Japan, Kako of Akishino, these dresses exude a sense of timeless grace and modesty, reminiscent of the imperial family's sartorial elegance.

In a nod to her expanding repertoire, Liang introduces leather bags for the first time, delighting her Lower East Side fans with the opportunity to complete their head-to-toe looks with pieces from the designer. This seamless integration of accessories into her collection speaks to Liang's holistic approach to design, offering her clientele a comprehensive wardrobe that embodies her distinct aesthetic vision.

Sandy Liang's Fall Winter 2024-2025 collection represents a subtle evolution of her signature motifs and design ethos, demonstrating her ability to adapt and innovate while staying true to her brand's identity. With each season, Liang continues to captivate audiences with her unique blend of whimsy, elegance, and downtown cool, cementing her status as one of New York's most exciting emerging designers.


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