Sunnei Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Sunnei Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Sunnei Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at Milano Fashion Week SS24 (September 22, 2023).

Sunnei's Spring Summer 2024 show introduced an interactive and clever concept developed by designers Simone Rizzo and Loris Messina. The show featured a mysterious and unnamed team member from Sunnei, who served as the voiceover and announcer throughout the event.

Opening Statements - The show began with a series of short statements delivered by the Sunnei team member. These statements ranged from ironic to thought-provoking and reflected the brand's signature ambiguity. One statement humorously poked fun at the Italian phrase "Ancora," chosen by Gucci for its debut show on the same day, suggesting that Sunnei offered the opportunity to "not yet hate fashion."

Interactive Element - The audience was engaged in the show through an interactive element. Envelopes were distributed to guests, each containing three score paddles. Attendees were encouraged to use these paddles to rate the collection as models walked the podium in front of them. This interactive rating system allowed the audience to provide feedback in real-time.

Collection Highlights - The Spring Summer 2024 collection by Rizzo and Messina revisited the brand's core references, including activewear and '90s aesthetics. The collection emphasized contrasts in volumes and layering, featuring jersey tops with cut-outs paired with extra-roomy pants, creating a distinctive silhouette. Sunnei's signature stripes were prominent on graphic dresses with a rubberized effect, as well as summery cotton dresses in maxi proportions. New additions included lightweight shirts and a multi-layered silk dress with crystal-embroidered heart-shaped embellishments, adding delicate touches to the collection.

Social Commentary - While the show lacked the explosive energy of previous seasons, it continued to incorporate social commentary. The press notes included statements addressing topics like political correctness and the challenge of sharing one's opinion in a world filled with instant judgments and noise. The concept allowed for multiple interpretations, from reflecting on the oversimplification of opinions to how social discourse can overshadow fashion creations.

Sunnei's Spring Summer 2024 show offered an engaging and interactive experience that allowed the audience to participate in the evaluation of the collection. The collection itself played with contrasts and layered elements while maintaining the brand's signature style. Social commentary remained an essential part of Sunnei's fashion narrative.

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