TG Botanical Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

TG Botanical Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

TG Botanical Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at Copenhagen Fashion Week SS24 (August 10, 2023).

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The world of fashion is often a canvas for creativity that captures the essence of our existence. In a captivating unveiling, the TG Botanical Spring Summer 2024 collection takes us on a journey through the delicate balance between vulnerability and strength. Rooted in the profound appreciation for the intricate dance of nature's processes, designer Tetyana Chumak introduces a collection that celebrates the fragile beauty of both life and matter.

Tetyana Chumak's unique perspective finds inspiration in the often-overlooked facets of the natural world. With a keen eye for beauty in destructive forces and the cyclicality of nature, the TG Botanical SS24 collection delves into the fragility of being, paralleling it with the fragility of materials.

At the heart of this captivating collection are the garments meticulously stitched together with elastic thread, evoking the imagery of Earth's surface and eroded metal. This unconventional approach creates a distressed effect that not only adds an organic touch to each piece but also amplifies its inherent femininity. Chumak's designs are more than mere garments; they are living extensions of the wearer, harmonizing seamlessly with the body's architecture.

Chumak's deep-rooted connection to the environment is echoed in her choice of materials. Certified batiste, cotton, silk, organic nettle, and linen form the canvas for kinetic skirts, cargo trousers, daring tops, and dresses. This season marks a significant step for the brand as it introduces accessories into the mix. Crafted from locally-sourced old nettle cloth, these accessories, including nettle mules and a mini-bag, offer a limited edition addition that showcases the brand's commitment to sustainable fashion.

The color palette of the collection resonates with the earth's natural hues, punctuated by vivid strokes of ocher and cyan blue. The introduction of the cyanotype technique adds a touch of mystique, as the designer captures the exact shade of blue that graces this season's collection. The vivid cyan blue is a metaphor for the ever-flowing currents of life, interwoven with moments of tranquility.

More than just clothing, the TG Botanical SS24 collection embodies a profound contemplation of impermanence and the transient nature of existence. Through her artistry, Tetyana Chumak captures the intangible allure of fleeting moments, translating them into wearable poetry.


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