The Garment Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

The Garment Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

The Garment Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at Copenhagen Fashion Week SS24 (August 9, 2023).

The intersection of gender norms, delicate youthfulness, and artistic contrasts took center stage at The Garment's much-anticipated Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show. Collaborators Charlotte Eskildsen and Sophia Roe orchestrated a captivating display within the walls of Thorvaldsen’s Museum, where larger-than-life sculptures set the stage for an intriguing dialogue between strength and fragility.

In an era marked by the redefinition of traditional roles, The Garment's Spring Summer 2024 collection embarked on a journey to challenge outdated perceptions of femininity and masculinity. The show's setting, adorned with monumental sculptures predominantly depicting men, laid the foundation for an alluring juxtaposition. Against this backdrop, the collection sought to redefine the archaic notions of working women and men, weaving threads of change and reimagination.

Sophia Roe, one of the driving forces behind the collection, explained that the inspiration stemmed from a desire to reimagine these outdated ideas. The starting point was an unexpected yet intriguing source: the linen closet. This everyday space became the wellspring of creativity, leading to garments that breathed life into forgotten stories and rekindled narratives.

The essence of the collection resonated through delicate youthfulness on one side and a playful twist on masculinity on the other. The opening look, a "napkin" top, set the tone for the soft, feminine aesthetics that unfolded. The runway continued to showcase unique creations like the "pillowcase dress" and intricately crocheted crop tops and bras, reminiscent of vintage doilies. These designs wove an intricate narrative of femininity, delicacy, and empowerment.

On the flip side, the "masculine" undertones took on a "tomboy" vibe, consistent with The Garment's recurring style. The collection ingeniously played with "utility" details that bridged the gap between masculine and feminine. Low-waisted, raw-edged black pants took center stage, with a bow elegantly positioned at the center back, forging a connection between the two distinctive "sides" of the collection.

As The Garment's Spring Summer 2024 collection unfolded, a thought-provoking dialogue emerged. The contrast between the formidable sculptures and the delicate garments showcased on the runway offered an opportunity for reflection on societal norms and gender boundaries. The show's unique setting encouraged viewers to question preconceived notions and embrace the fluidity of identity.

However, as the curtains drew to a close, some reviewers found themselves pondering whether the collection truly achieved its intended impact. Being positioned in close proximity to another brand with similar themes, Skall Studio, led some to suggest that The Garment's collection might have come across as slightly lightweight.


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