Thom Browne Fall Winter 2023-24 Haute Couture Fashion Show

Thom Browne Fall Winter 2023-24 Haute Couture Fashion Show

Thom Browne Fall Winter 2023-24 Haute Couture fashion show at Paris Couture Week FW23 (July 3, 2023).


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Thom Browne made a grand entrance into the world of Paris haute couture with a dramatic fashion show that left the audience awe-struck. Taking place at the historic Paris Garnier Opera house, Browne's show was a stunning display of creativity and craftsmanship. The designer seamlessly merged his signature American sportswear aesthetic with the opulence and elegance of couture, creating a momentous sense of occasion that celebrated American fashion on an international stage.

As guests climbed the steep, creaky wooden stairs at the back of the Paris Garnier Opera house, they were greeted with a surprise—they were seated on the stage itself. The red and gold auditorium was adorned with black and white cut-out illustrations resembling Thom Browne. This immersive setting added an autobiographical touch to the show, hinting at Browne's personal journey as a couturier. The stage was set for an unforgettable experience that would highlight Browne's unique vision.

Thom Browne's show unfolded with an air of mystery and symbolism. The audience found tiny scrolls tied with Thom Browne ribbons on their seats, containing cryptic messages. The models, led by Alek Wek, made their way down the aisle and onto the stage, clad in gray Thom Browne jackets and kilts. The collection showcased an array of strict and narrow silhouettes, each telling its own story. Patchworks of landscapes, brocades, Prince of Wales checks, and intricate embroidery adorned the garments, evoking a sense of depth and artistry.

Throughout the show, a cast of symbolic characters emerged, captivating the audience with their enigmatic presence. Eleven characters dressed as bells, with bell-hats and patchworked coats, created an otherworldly atmosphere. Pigeon-people, including Jordan Roth, emerged from oversized blazers in feathery bodysuits, adding an element of surprise and fantasy. The show took unexpected turns, with funereal undertones and visits from mysterious figures in black and white attire. The dramatic crescendo arrived with a bride in a white coat-dress, symbolizing redemption and triumph.

Thom Browne's collection unfolded as a compelling narrative of redemption and triumph over adversity. The protagonist, contemplating her life and unhappiness, is confronted with her fantasies come to life. The underwater motifs and preppy East Coast iconography served as metaphors for her inner journey. Ultimately, she realizes that her life is better than she had thought, choosing not to drown in sorrow. Browne's collection reflected an American sensibility, perhaps symbolized by the birds in hand and the presence of bells—an homage to his hometown, Allentown, PA, and the Liberty Bell.


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