Tweo Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Tweo Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Tweo Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at Tokyo Fashion Week SS24 (August 30, 2023).


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TWEO a creation by Tan YunSzu, marked its inaugural appearance at the Tokyo Fashion Week SS24 unveiling its 2024 Spring Summer collection. Distinct from the conventional seated arrangement, where observers settle into orderly chairs, this show unfolded uniquely. Attendees occupied a free-spirited seating arrangement atop blue floor mats, interspersed with sizable scattered stones. This innovative arrangement facilitated an individualized experience, enabling each spectator to engage with the presentation while preserving personal space. The stones, evoking both the serenity of the sea and the minimalist embellishments adorning upscale residential entrances, fostered a tranquil ambiance. They crafted a sanctuary of quietude, affording each guest an opportunity to immerse themselves in the exhibition, contemplatively pondering the display before them.

Originating from Taiwan, Tan YunSzu's journey led her to delve into Japanese literature at Tohoku University, followed by a pursuit of fashion studies at Bunka Fashion College. After completing the fashion design program at BFGU, she embarked on a tenure at Issey Miyake, where she honed her craft in planning for a span of seven years. In the autumn/winter season of 2021, she took the leap into establishing her eponymous brand. The term "TWEO," hailing from Old English, encapsulates the essence of "ambiguity." Anchored in the notion that individuals navigate their optimal life course guided by a blend of acquired knowledge and intuitive discernment amid life's twists and turns, Tan YunSzu endeavors to articulate emotions birthed from experiences and gut feelings.

During solitary sojourns along foreign shores, Tan YunSzu was captivated by the allure of landscapes, the caress of summer night breezes, and the distant voices of unfamiliar narrators. This ambiance elicited a dual response within her—an embrace of tranquil solitude coupled with the pangs of loneliness and estrangement. It was within these emotional realms that she recognized their pervasive existence across life's varied scenarios. Tan YunSzu explicitly elucidated, "This collection transcends the mere aesthetics of seaside splendor or its inspirational essence. Rather, it delves into introspection, solitude, and the poignant emotions akin to feeling like an outsider." Her designs, mirroring the undulating allure of water's surface, artfully encapsulate the weightlessness, contorted dimensions, and romantically skewed perspectives characteristic of suspended moments.

Though unaccustomed to employing lightweight materials and initially challenged by the spring/summer season, Tan YunSzu ingeniously employed lightweight fabrics to construct visually sculptural ensembles for the 2024 Spring/Summer collection. The array comprised immaculate impressions imbued with artful distortions and twists, evident in pieces like the ethereal checkered dresses imbued with a hint of transparency. Ingeniously designed bags, fashioned from aluminum sheets and embellished with attached vases, introduced custom metal elements enabling the insertion of flowers into pre-fabricated aluminum factory disks. This innovative dual-purpose conception metamorphosed these bags into not only portable accessories but also exquisite decorative elements suitable for interior adornment. Amid the dreamlike ambiance of the show, these bags, conceived exclusively for the purpose of carrying flowers, served as empathetic companions for those navigating solitude in distant locales. They also assumed the semblance of whimsical mementos, akin to flowers plucked during leisurely strolls.

Although Tan YunSzu concedes an inability to precisely pinpoint the genesis of her inspiration, this ineffable sentiment, forged through the crucible of solitude, resonates universally. It encapsulates a sense of liberation, openness, and the poignant reality of loneliness that emerges distinctively within the confines of freedom. This brand ethos, underpinned by the presentation of untranslatable "nuances," found a poignant reflection in its debut showcase.


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