Versace La Vacanza 2023 Fashion Show

Versace La Vacanza 2023 Fashion Show

Versace 'La Vacanza' 2023, the Resort 2024 fashion show in Cannes, France. A co-designed women's collection by Donatella Versace and Dua Lipa (May 23, 2023).


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The month of Dua Lipa is in full swing as the talented artist ventures beyond the realm of music and extends her creative vision into the realms of cinema and fashion. After her dazzling red carpet debut at the Cannes Film Festival alongside her boyfriend Romain Gavras, Dua Lipa teased her fans with a video on Instagram, hinting at a song she has written and performed for the upcoming Barbie movie, in which she even portrays the role of Barbie Mermaid. However, the surprises don't end there. Tonight, at Cannes, Dua Lipa x Versace La Vacanza will be presented—a highly anticipated collection for the summer of 2023, featuring the singer herself as a designer, alongside her friend Donatella Versace. The collection will be available online shortly after tonight's fashion show.

While Dua Lipa has collaborated with several brands, Versace has been the brand that has accompanied her throughout a significant portion of her music career, including her appearances on various red carpets. However, it is worth noting that this marks her first time walking on a fashion runway. The collection, titled La Vacanza, gives a hint of its essence: an homage to Italian style and the beloved Dolce Vita, which Dua Lipa herself has embraced on numerous occasions, often being photographed by the shores of Lake Como or in Milan alongside her stylist, Lorenzo Posocco. Micro butterfly tops (reflecting her passion), mini metal mesh dresses, and scarves are some of the elements that characterize her vacation wardrobe. These stunning pieces will grace the runway tonight, presented through a new creative lens.

Donatella Versace expressed her excitement about working with Dua Lipa on this collection, describing their collaboration as thrilling. She praised Dua Lipa's strength, fearlessness, and exceptional creative vision, emphasizing that summer is a magical time, and they aim to capture its essence and colors through a truly special and intimate fashion show at Cannes. Dua Lipa reciprocated the enthusiasm, emphasizing the strong bond they have developed over the years. She expressed her gratitude for the support she has received from Donatella and the entire Versace team since the beginning of her career. Being given the honor to co-design this collection and unleash all her summer inspirations was a dream come true for the singer.

The Dua Lipa x Versace La Vacanza fashion show takes place in one of the most enchanting locations in the South of France—a runway that stretches across a pool with a breathtaking view of the azure Mediterranean Sea merging with the horizon. The show brings together Versace's longstanding friends and family, while models showcase the pieces from the new collection. Among the models are Iris Law, Lila Moss, and Jill Kortleve. The show concludes with a poetic moment—an intimate display of friendship and admiration between two women who represent female empowerment in the world of fashion and entertainment, united in a unique and unforgettable project.

The show may be in Cannes, but the glamour exudes an unmistakable Italian touch, accompanied by a '60s-inspired soundtrack reminiscent of classic films set in lavish villas. Donatella explains that she learned a great deal from Dua Lipa throughout this project, highlighting that Dua Lipa goes beyond the idea of an influencer with millions of fans; she represents the modern, strong, and confident woman. Donatella also mentions Dua Lipa's disruptive nature and her ability to create intricate paper cutout designs on small pieces of paper, showcasing the playful and unique spirit of the singer. All these elements come together in the Dua Lipa x Versace La Vacanza collection.

The collection offers a range of stunning pieces that capture the essence of vacation fashion. Floating miniskirts made of metal mesh adorned with delicate butterfly appliques recall a look famously donned by Naomi Campbell in a metallic oroton dress. Long oroton gowns in shades reminiscent of the sea are perfect for Riviera parties. For daytime attire, the collection features foulard prints—patterns borrowed from Versace's archives and reimagined to create new designs. Dua Lipa, known for her penchant for all-over dressing, has emphasized the importance of creating something new while drawing inspiration from the brand's history. Additionally, the collection incorporates Dua's playful touch with colorful butterfly motifs, reminiscent of the '60s, combined with oversized polka dots and ladybugs, or placed sporadically as whimsical decorative elements.


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