Victoria/Tomas Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Victoria/Tomas Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Victoria/Tomas Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at Paris Fashion Week SS24 (September 26, 2023).

Victoria Feldman and Tomas Berzins, the design duo behind Victoria/Tomas, explored the concept of femininity in their spring collection, which was created as they welcomed their second child. Their inspiration drew from the idea of a woman who juggles multiple roles and responsibilities, portraying her as a strong and multifaceted figure.

The collection departed from the fully reversible pieces that had been a hallmark of previous seasons. Instead, it featured versatile garments that could be styled in various ways, with a focus on a more timeless and understated color palette. The designs aimed to offer women clothing that could adapt to their ever-changing roles and needs.

One notable piece was a shirtdress with open panels between the body and the sleeves, featuring gold hardware that allowed it to be cinched for a more fitted look or worn sleeveless and cape-like for a casual feel. Shirts and tailored jackets featured panels that could be draped across the body, creating a fluid and relaxed silhouette. Striped shirts and matching boxer shorts had eyelets and slit details, providing glimpses of skin as the models moved.

The collection incorporated a recurring motif of snakes, symbolizing fertility and protection. Snake-inspired appliqu├ęs adorned pleated denim shirtdresses, giving them a streetwise edge, while scale-like crop tops were held together with chains, showcasing the designers' emphasis on handicraft elements. The overall look was described as feminine, sexy, and cool, with a focus on comfort and ease of movement for the modern woman.

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