Viktor & Rolf Fall Winter 2023-24 Haute Couture Fashion Show

Viktor & Rolf Fall Winter 2023-24 Haute Couture Fashion Show

Viktor & Rolf Fall Winter 2023-2024 Haute Couture fashion show at Paris Couture Week FW23 (July 5, 2023).


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After three decades of designing, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren of Viktor & Rolf showcased their Fall Winter 2023-2024 Haute Couture collection, revealing their mastery in fashion with a touch of whimsy. In this season's show, the duo explored new territory by venturing into the realm of bathing suits and bodysuits, showcasing their ability to translate their signature codes onto the smallest of garments. With a blend of nostalgia and innovation, the collection celebrated their iconic designs while playfully incorporating fresh elements.

Designing on the smallest surface possible presented a unique challenge for Horsting and Snoeren. Having never ventured into the realm of bathing or bodysuits before, they humorously acknowledged the inherent difficulties. However, the constraints seemed to excite and inspire them, as they considered it a positive sign of creative potential. The collection embraced ruffles, bows, flowers, and oversized letters, infusing each piece with the distinctive Viktor & Rolf aesthetic.

Throughout the show, Viktor & Rolf paid homage to their past works, making it a delightful experience for fashion enthusiasts. The collection featured references to their previous collections, such as the corsetry of Spring 2022, the weaves of Spring 2018, and the memorable outfits from January. They even incorporated a full-body white ruffle from their iconic "Blacklight" Spring 1999 collection, as well as bows reminiscent of the 2005 launch of their renowned fragrance, Flowerbomb. By intertwining elements from their fashion history, the designers created a captivating narrative that showcased their evolution and enduring creativity.

In addition to their whimsical creations, Viktor & Rolf conveyed messages through their designs. The collection included a simple bikini adorned with a box-pleated ruffle, along with new sayings such as "Dream on," "I wish you well," and "No." These messages, cleverly integrated into the garments, added an extra layer of meaning to the collection. Celebrities, including Shakira, joined in on the fun, donning jackets with witty statements like "yes was overrated," exemplifying Viktor & Rolf's tongue-in-cheek approach to fashion.

To inject their signature playfulness, Horsting and Snoeren made a memorable appearance during the show. They incorporated themselves into the lineup, showcasing tuxedos in various imaginative ways—piggy-backing on, being dragged behind, or simply strolling on the catwalk. This whimsical inclusion further highlighted the duo's willingness to experiment and blur the lines between fashion and performance art.

Horsting openly acknowledged the challenges they faced while designing the bodysuits. Molded silk organza, gazar, and crepe were used instead of relying on elastic properties to conform to the curves of the wearer's body. This innovative approach showcased the duo's commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail. By conquering this new frontier in fashion, Viktor & Rolf expanded the boundaries of their creative prowess.

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