Weider Silveiro Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Weider Silveiro Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Weider Silveiro Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show presented at São Paulo Fashion Week N55 (May 27, 2023).

This season, Silveiro embarks on an exciting journey, delving into themes that have long been associated with the rich cultural heritage of Brazil's Northeast. Breaking free from conventional norms, he fearlessly embraces these regional inspirations, elevating them to the realm of luxury. "I am currently in a phase of rediscovering my origins, which has profoundly reshaped my perspective on craftsmanship," he reveals.

In a stunning showcase of artistry and innovation, Silveiro seamlessly weaves together two quintessential elements of Northeastern Brazil's cultural fabric: the exquisite "fuxico" technique and the intricate tapestry crafted from interwoven fabric strips. This collaboration has birthed a collection that breathes new life into urban, minimalist, and feminine designs, captivating fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Joining forces with the talented craftswoman Patrícia Gomes, hailing from Crato in Ceará, Silveiro's vision comes to life with remarkable precision and authenticity.

The foundation of Silveiro's masterpieces lies in the exclusive weaving process, where materials such as jersey, cotton knit, and mixed knit take center stage. Meticulously crafted in a concise color palette, encompassing shades of peach, orange, cinnamon, vibrant green, and timeless black, these textiles form the essence of the collection. Each fabric holds a story, resonating with the ancient traditions and skills passed down through generations, now elevated to the realm of contemporary luxury.

Silveiro's meticulous attention to detail shines through in every piece, demonstrating his profound understanding of the interplay between tradition and modernity. The "fuxico" technique, a labor of love originating from the Northeastern region, is masterfully incorporated into the collection. Each stitch tells a tale, a testament to the rich heritage of Brazilian craftsmanship. This merging of traditional and contemporary elements creates a harmonious dialogue, breathing fresh energy into the designs.


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