Wildfräulein Fall Winter 2024-25 Fashion Show

Wildfräulein Fall Winter 2024-25 Fashion Show

Wildfräulein ヴィルドホワイレン Fall Winter 2024-2025 collection fashion show at Tokyo Fashion Week FW24 (March 13, 2024).

WILDFRÄULEIN unveiled its Fall Winter 2024-2025 Collection at Seibu Shibuya in Tokyo on March 13, 2024, under the theme "MEMENTO MORI".

For designer Rup Shizumura, this season's WILDFRÄULEIN collection serves as a requiem for the ultimate patron, a woman who frequented his atelier daily, refusing to leave until the garments were complete. Reminiscing about those cherished days spent with her, Shizumura chose "MEMENTO MORI" as the theme, signifying resurrection and revival, creating a collection that exudes fragility yet resonates with strength.

This season's collection is distinguished by voluminous collars and neck tubes that draw attention to the neckline. Particularly striking is a black coat featuring an extremely oversized collar, directing the gaze upward as if unconsciously looking up to a beloved departed soul in heaven.

A variety of coats in different materials and shapes were also evident throughout the collection. Leather long coats cinched at the waist, single-breasted coats with belts at the back, and other variations showcased the diversity in outerwear offerings.

Shizumura, who was surrounded by various art forms from a young age, incorporates his own artwork into the collection items. With a subconscious desire to bring something to life through his creations, he often draws inspiration from his daily creative endeavors. This season, jackets featuring artwork of unicorns were prominently featured, aligning with the theme and reflecting Shizumura's childhood fascination with mythical creatures.

Recalling his childhood fascination with unicorns, which left a strong impression from the picture books he read, Shizumura's earliest drawings were of dragons. He portrays these mythical "phantoms," unseen and unreal, as unicorns, bringing them to life in the realm of reality.

In the early 17th century, during the Baroque period, flowers were often depicted as motifs representing "MEMENTO MORI" in art. Coats adorned with delicate floral jacquards arranged like patchwork, floral jackets, and skirts featuring floral jacquard evoke this historical backdrop, reminiscent of the delicate blooms often seen in Baroque art.


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