Alaïa Pre-Fall 2023 Lookbook

Alaïa Pre-Fall 2023 Lookbook

Alaïa Pre-Fall 2023 collection (aka Summer-Fall 2023) lookbook (47 outfits).

Pieter Mulier's Summer-Fall 2023 collection delves into the essence of Alaïa, exploring its anatomy, psychology, and soul. The collection centers on the fundamental aspects, free from distractions. Each garment embodies a sculptural quality, as if shapes are intricately carved out of cloth, and the couturier acts as a master builder crafting garments that embrace the body. Construction techniques are seamlessly integrated into decoration, where even a simple dressmaker's pin can take on a sublime role.

The curvilinear form, so integral to Alaïa's design language, finds universal expression in both clothing and accessories. It represents a precise yet natural line, exuding innate sensuality and capturing the very essence of femininity.

Throughout the collection, there are poignant nods to Alaïa's identity, with garments serving as mnemonic reminders of its history. The cloth bears the traces of references from the house's past and present, hinting at its future journey.

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