Alanui Spring Summer 2024 Lookbook

Alanui Spring Summer 2024 Lookbook

Alanui Spring Summer 2024 collection lookbook.

India, a land brimming with allure and untapped potential, has become a coveted destination for luxury fashion brands. The captivating tapestry of its culture and the vast market it offers have lured renowned fashion houses, such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci, to venture eastward. Now, joining this pursuit is the creative director of the esteemed brand Alanui, Carlotta Oddi, who found herself captivated by India's charm during a personal trip last year.

Inspired by the country's mesmerizing beauty, Carlotta directed Alanui's signature escapist style toward the East for the very first time – a decision that would prove serendipitous. The outcome is a collection that effortlessly blends luxury with a relaxed aesthetic, seamlessly incorporating the mystical essence ingrained in Alanui's DNA.

During an exclusive preview in Milan, Carlotta shared her thoughts on this transformative journey: "India is an extraordinary nation. Its awe-inspiring architecture, the vibrant and earthy color palette, and its breathtaking natural landscapes have all served as a wellspring of inspiration for our jacquard patterns and stitches."

In the latest collection, Alanui's iconic bandana and geometric motifs have undergone a vibrant transformation, featuring hues of saffron, papaya, pastel blue, and pistachio. Influenced by the opulent facades of Jaipur's palaces, gradient effects adorn the fringed back of knitwear, while a range of new motifs, from fan shapes to multicolored chevrons, take center stage.

Paisley patterns take on a prominent role, adorning fringed jersey separates, crocheted dresses, and even crochet passementerie on denim pieces and bucket bags. Exquisite embroidery showcases paisleys on Alanui's luxurious cardigans. A standout black style, meticulously handcrafted by Indian artisans, intertwines floral graphics, delicate mirrored elements, and the symbolism of chakras in its intricate design.

Other captivating designs feature an intarsia version depicting the tree of life, as well as depictions of natural landscapes with palm trees, tigers, jungles, and sunsets. Alongside the brand's renowned knitwear, the collection introduces skirts and kimonos assembled from twelve distinct viscose panels. Denim pieces take on a new level of sophistication with toile de jouy motifs, tie-dye effects, and gradient finishes. The collection also boasts commercially savvy pieces, including looser interpretations of the denim jacket, sarong-inspired skirts, and jeans tailored with roomy volumes for her and wide-leg fits for him.

As Alanui unveils its Spring Summer 2024 collection, fashion enthusiasts can expect an enchanting journey through India's mesmerizing aesthetics and the brand's distinct luxurious escapism.

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