Area Pre-Fall 2023 Lookbook

Area Pre-Fall 2023 Lookbook

Area Pre-Fall 2023 collection lookbook (23 outfits).

Area is set to make a statement with its Pre-Fall 2023 collection lookbook. Piotrek Panszczyk, the creative mind behind Area, delves into an unexpected theme: butterflies. Despite his initial dislike for these delicate creatures, Panszczyk embraces the opportunity to transform his aversion into a captivating fashion narrative. The result is a collection that combines whimsicality with sophistication, offering a fresh perspective on the brand's signature aesthetic.

Drawing inspiration from iconic '90s fashion and pop culture references, the Area team seeks to subvert expectations and inject a new energy into their designs. Departing from the moody tones of their previous runway, this collection radiates playfulness and elegance. The juxtaposition is evident in the black cropped tailored jacket with oversized white lapels, featuring an abstracted butterfly silhouette. Similarly, a tailored button-front jacket adorned with white butterfly appliqués, resembling bows, sets the tone for the collection, blending lightheartedness with refined tailoring.

Panszczyk's ability to cater to diverse commercial categories without compromising on style is showcased in this collection. For the sporty ensemble, a black t-shirt with a butterfly cutout, complemented by matching leggings, introduces an element of skin-revealing design. The meticulous fittings ensure the cutouts are precisely placed, adding allure and a sense of daring.

Area's denim offerings for this season are particularly noteworthy. Separates crafted from raw Japanese denim feature cutouts and butterfly appliqués, creating a harmonious integration of the fabric and the collection's theme. From the groovy hand-drawn butterfly print in vibrant shades of purple, pink, white, and black on a green background embellished with crystal butterflies to a powder blue washed-denim jacket with crystal-embroidered "moth holes," the denim pieces push creative boundaries. They exemplify Panszczyk's vision of exploring the metamorphosis of butterflies into moths, translating it into striking denim designs.

The Pre-Fall 2023 collection also embraces a wide color palette and unique fabric choices. Colorblock ponte jersey separates stand out, featuring a long gown with a daring cutout at the chest and playful circular cutouts on the shoulders and knees. Beginning with a study of butterfly antlers, the design process evolves into a fusion of '70s geometric jewelry and a psychedelic aesthetic reminiscent of Stephen Burrows. The resulting pieces demonstrate Area's commitment to showcasing the human body in all its beauty and celebrating individuality.

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