AZ Factory Fall Winter 2023-24 Haute Couture Lookbook

AZ Factory Fall Winter 2023-24 Haute Couture Lookbook

AZ Factory Fall Winter 2023-2024 Haute Couture collection lookbook presented at Paris Couture Week FW23.

The AZ Factory platform, known for its innovative approach to fashion, is expanding its horizons by supporting young designers and showcasing their collections during couture week. Following the successful debut of Cyril Bourez and Tennesy Thoreson in the previous season, French-born designer Lara Sonney took center stage this time. A recent graduate of Geneva's Head and a finalist at Hyères in 2022, Sonney had the opportunity to collaborate with Swiss textile manufacturer Maison Jackob Schlaepfer to create a captivating 10-piece collection. Embracing themes of gardening, nature, sustainability, and playfulness, Sonney's designs graced the runway in a tableau vivant-style presentation amidst the lush greenery of Fondation Cartier's hidden garden.

Lara Sonney's collection for AZ Factory Fall Winter 2023-2024 Haute Couture was a testament to her deep connection with gardening, nature, and the great outdoors. The designer's commitment to sustainability and upcycling shone through in her creations. Recycled garden hoses were transformed into colorful basket bags, reminiscent of the late Alber Elbaz's whimsical spirit. Vibrant swirling prints, inspired by gardening house pipes, adorned a voluminous trapeze coat—a signature shape in Sonney's oeuvre, reflecting her inclination towards generous protective outdoor garments crafted with feminine ingenuity.

Sonney expertly channeled Alber Elbaz's love for zest and playful elements, infusing her collection with delightful details that added character and charm. A sleeveless turquoise tunic featured huge volants undulating from its fuzzy mohair hem, exuding movement and grace. Hand-applied sequins adorned a crinkled bonded-paper cape coat, lending a touch of shimmer and texture. An elongated white shirt showcased silicone graphic motifs, further accentuating the playful collaboration between Sonney and Elbaz's sense of humor. One of the standout pieces was a basket bag made of glass, resembling a delightful flower vase—an embodiment of Sonney's and Elbaz's shared penchant for unexpected surprises.

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