Batsheva Resort 2025 Lookbook

Batsheva Resort 2025 Lookbook

Batsheva Resort 2025 collection lookbook (23 outfits).

Batsheva Hay doesn't mince words. Her vision for Resort 2025? A touch of "business" with a heavy dose of practicality – a refreshing departure from her usual offerings.

The collection opens with a quintessential Batsheva look: a handsome black denim skirt suit. The vintage-inspired batwing jacket with its four buttons and waist tie complements a pencil skirt, both finished with matching white piping trim. The lookbook model completes the ensemble with a signature Batsheva button-down shirt featuring a ruffled collar, channeling Melanie Griffith's iconic Tess McGill from Working Girl.

This working woman vibe continues with a ruffled-collar, short-sleeve blouse (another Hay signature) paired with another pencil skirt. This time, however, the duo comes in a semi-sheer peach organza adorned with delicate yellow embroidered flowers, a playful nod to Griffith's memorable line: "I've got a mind for business and a bod for sin."

But Hay doesn't stop there. Recognizing the dual nature of resort wear – is it for holidays or vacations? – she caters to both. For the holiday side, the collection features her classic metallic ruched skirts, slinky blouses and dresses, all adorned with oversized bows in dazzling disco silver and liquid gold.

For the vacationer, Hay introduces a series of caftans – her "new obsession." Inspired by the Isadora Duncan-esque dress worn by Lori Belilove, who opened Hay's Fall 2024 show, these caftans are all one-of-a-kind rectangles, perfect for effortless lounging.

Hay's newfound focus on unique pieces extends beyond the caftans. She's been "buying up all these vintage fabrics" and incorporating them into her designs. The result? Simple tan cashmere sweaters embellished with whimsical crocheted flower squares, each a unique expression waiting to be created.

This focus on one-of-a-kind pieces reflects Hay's recently opened SoHo store – a space where her creative spirit can flourish within the confines of her own universe. As Hay herself admits, "Nothing in this collection is my typical bestseller. This is all a shift, something new." Batsheva Resort 2025 promises to be a delightful departure from the norm, offering a curated blend of business chic and whimsical vacation wear, all infused with Hay's signature touch of playful individuality.

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