Berluti Fall Winter 2024-25 Men Lookbook

Berluti Fall Winter 2024-25 Men Lookbook

Berluti Fall Winter 2024-25 Menswear collection lookbook.

Berluti's Fall Winter 2024-2025 Menswear collection is more than a fashion showcase; it's a testament to the brand's commitment to merging tradition with innovation, offering a glimpse into the future of luxury menswear. The presentation, adorned with attractive offerings, including the soon-to-be-iconic Sky Running trail-style sneaker, revealed Berluti's prowess in crafting not just garments but timeless pieces of art. As the house gears up to outfit over 800 French athletes at the Paris 2024 Olympics opening ceremony, the collection becomes a prelude to the sartorial excellence the world is about to witness.

The Sky Running Sneaker: A Sneak Peek at Olympic Elegance - Berluti's new Sky Running sneaker stole the spotlight, with its specially produced Vibram sole, amplified stitched leather mudguards, and mixed suede leather and mesh uppers in a range of tonal colorways. This all-new sneaker, anticipated to grace the feet of French athletes at the Paris 2024 Olympics, showcases Berluti's dedication to merging functionality with style. Harold Israel, seemingly impervious to inquiries about the sneaker's Olympic destiny, left fashion enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the grand reveal at the upcoming ceremony.

Rapiecé Reprisé: A Heritage Revival - Berluti Editions unveiled the Rapiecé Reprisé collection, a revival of a line originally created by Olga Berluti in 2005. This collection pays homage to historical fashion practices, where clothing was cherished, mended, and altered as a symbol of resilience. Stitched patched shoes and bags, displayed in richly burnished colors, exemplify Berluti's commitment to its heritage while adding a touch of modernity. The genius move of offering trios instead of pairs allows customers to mix and match their shoes, adding an eccentric twist to the traditional concept of footwear.

Classic House Styles: The Artistry of Patina - The presentation opened with a display of classic house shoe styles, including the Alessandro and the Andy, adorned in the season's colorways. The meticulous patina work on Venezia leather showcased Berluti's artisanal prowess, leaving an indelible mark on each pair. While the emphasis this season leaned towards footwear, introducing a new grained square toe style, the collection did not neglect clothing. Berluti's clothing pieces, though acting as accessories to their magnificent footwear and bags, were a delightful addition. Highlights included slubby jeans in Japanese denim, an oxblood mink-lined perfecto, a "corduroy" trucker jacket, and a luxurious cashmere gilet.

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