Brandon Maxwell Resort 2025 Lookbook

Brandon Maxwell Resort 2025 Lookbook

Brandon Maxwell Resort 2025 collection lookbook (27 outfits).

Brandon Maxwell's Resort 2025 collection marks a turning point for the designer, showcasing a renewed focus on craftsmanship and a touch of long-awaited whimsy.

The collection opens with a signature Maxwell look: a streamlined black pantsuit. But a closer look reveals the meticulous handwork that defines this season. The brass buttons, hand-hammered by Maxwell himself, boast a unique rippled texture, while the hand-poured brass belt buckle ensures no two pieces are identical. This dedication to detail underscores Maxwell's unwavering commitment to quality, even in his minimalist aesthetic.

Personal losses have undeniably influenced Maxwell's recent collections, leading to a more reserved and controlled style. However, Resort 2025 signifies a shift. "There wasn't a ton of whimsy," he admits, but a renewed focus on "sensory" and "craft" has brought a playful element back to the forefront.

Collaboration is key this season. Maxwell has teamed up with knitwear expert Ryan Roche, resulting in an array of pieces ranging from figure-hugging ribbed sets to chunky marinière striped polo necks. The collection also features outerwear that pays homage to American sportswear legends like Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors. Classic peacoats and cropped gabardine trenches are joined by a more adventurous cotton silk coat with a crinkly metallic finish.

But the true stars of the show are the whimsical elements. Shirts, skirts, and dresses are adorned with peekaboo organza flowers embellished with Swarovski crystals, with a particular shirt channeling a touch of Texas flair. This playful spirit hints at an even more lighthearted Spring 2025 collection to come. As Maxwell himself says, "There's a lesson in not pulling back. You just have to keep moving, and try to have fun."

This Resort 2025 collection marks a welcome return to whimsy for Brandon Maxwell, without sacrificing his signature dedication to quality and craftsmanship. With a renewed sense of play and a focus on collaboration, Maxwell's future looks bright.

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