Coperni Pre-Fall 2024 Lookbook

Coperni Pre-Fall 2024 Lookbook

Coperni Pre-Fall 2024 collection lookbook (23 outfits).

Coperni's Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant transcend traditional boundaries with their Pre-Fall 2024 collection, drawing inspiration from an unexpected source—the enigmatic Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Known for their affinity for technology and innovation, the designers embark on a sartorial journey that mirrors the life of a researcher, seamlessly blending casual daywear with evening elegance.

A recent Zoom interview with Meyer and Vaillant revealed their fascination with the secretive confines of CERN and its scientists. The designers immersed themselves in the laboratory, drawing inspiration for a collection that captures the essence of a researcher's life. Meyer explains, "There are a lot of casual looks because she spends all day and night working—because the lab is going 24 hours—but she wins a Nobel Prize for all her discoveries, so there are also a lot of evening gowns."

The collection unfolds with button-downs worn over tank tops, paired effortlessly with sweatpants or jeans, and topped off with slouchy jackets—a nod to the real business casual vibe. A standout ensemble includes a track jacket bodysuit-cum-romper worn over a crisply buttoned white shirt, ensuring the continuation of the pantless trend for at least another season. Meyer notes the innovative merging of bodysuits with workwear, exemplified by a jacket pattern crafted from 47 different pieces, offering versatility by allowing it to be worn open for a cool and contemporary look.

The designers delve into the nostalgic realm of technology with a baby tee bearing the phrase "Do NOT Power Down." Inspired by an old photo of Tim Berners-Lee's computer, who created an early version of a web server, the tee pays homage to the roots of the digital age. This attention to detail reflects Coperni's commitment to weaving narratives into their creations.

As day transitions to night, the Coperni designers embrace textures inspired by CERN's machinery. A golden knitted lurex takes center stage in an easy draped dress, a polo neck long sleeve top, and matching elastic waist pants—a luxurious reinterpretation of the classic sweatsuit. An electric blue shiny jacquard mimics the intricacy of cables and wires on a strapless dress with an upper thigh cutout, adding a touch of futuristic glamour to the collection. Noteworthy pieces include boxers crafted from "tech nylon meets organza" and a captivating mini slip dress made from lace covered with silicone, resembling liquid silk.

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