Courrèges Pre-Fall 2024 Lookbook

Courrèges Pre-Fall 2024 Lookbook

Courrèges Pre-Fall 2024 collection lookbook (46 outfits).


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In the wake of the Paris shows that concluded in October 2023, a contemplative atmosphere settled among designers, grappling with the challenges posed by the prevailing social and political context. Among those navigating this complex landscape was Nicolas Di Felice, the visionary behind Courrèges. Despite the less-than-inspiring circumstances, Di Felice found inspiration in the universal yearning for connection and intimacy, setting the tone for Courrèges' Pre-Fall 2024 collection.

Di Felice's creative process for this collection revolved around a profound exploration of human touch and connection. Faced with a world that seemed lacking in inspiration, he embarked on a journey to infuse sensuality and sexuality into his designs, aiming to evoke emotions that resonate beyond the realm of fashion. The result is a collection that goes beyond mere clothing, inviting wearers to experience a tactile and intimate connection with each piece.

One distinctive element that embodies Di Felice's approach to sexuality is the strategic placement of a pocket, just above the pubis. This daring design choice transforms everyday wear into a canvas for expressing sensuality, demonstrating the designer's ability to seamlessly blend frank sexuality with a minimalist, modernist aesthetic. The collection, intended for more than just club encounters, stands as a testament to Di Felice's knack for making bold concepts accessible and relevant for contemporary shoppers.

The Pre-Fall 2024 collection draws inspiration from the classic homoerotic Fassbinder movie "Querelle," featuring a Belgian sailor as the eponymous protagonist—an intriguing connection, given Di Felice's Belgian roots. This influence is evident in the wide-leg sailor-pant silhouette gracing the men's lookbook, aligning seamlessly with the current trend of fluid and wide-leg trousers.

Di Felice blurs the lines between the space-age couture helmets and vinyl aesthetics presented by Andre Courrèges in the 1960s and contemporary fetish wear. The collection features elements like balaclava hood-type looks and the iconic black vinyl, strategically slashed and suggestively zippered. This playful nod to kinkiness adds an extra layer of intrigue to the garments, allowing wearers to explore their own boundaries and express their individuality.

Nicolas Di Felice's pre-collections serve as a harbinger of trends and concepts that will unfold in the seasons ahead. As the Courrèges Pre-Fall 2024 collection sets the stage for a captivating exploration of sensuality and connection, we can anticipate the evolution of these daring ideas in the upcoming February showcase. Di Felice's ability to capture the zeitgeist and push fashion boundaries ensures that Courrèges remains at the forefront of innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of high fashion.

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