Ferragamo Resort 2024 Lookbook

Ferragamo Resort 2024 Lookbook

Ferragamo Resort 2024 collection lookbook (37 outfits).


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The 'Ferragamo Resort 2024' collection takes inspiration from tight-knit family dynamics and the sophisticated Milanese way of dressing. Creative Director Maximilian Davis, hailing from a Trinidadian-Jamaican family and now working with the extended Ferragamo tribe, infuses the collection with a sense of refined sensuality and a dedication to craftsmanship. Embracing both the label's timeless codes and his own unique vision, Davis introduces a fresh take on Ferragamo, characterized by precise tailoring and a luxurious indulgence. Let's delve into the key highlights of this captivating collection.

Davis draws inspiration from Italian families and the enduring pieces they pass down through generations. This familial concept serves as a fascinating reference for the designer, reflecting his own background and resonating with the extended Ferragamo tribe. During a showroom appointment, Davis explains that he sought to embody the elegance and sophistication he witnessed upon moving to Milan. The Milanese way of dressing, characterized by restrained elegance and subtle seductiveness, has left a lasting impression on the designer.

The 'Ferragamo Resort 2024' collection showcases Davis's rigorous sensualism, infusing it with modern tailoring and a touch of luxury. The designer skillfully combines the house's craftsmanship and resources to deliver high-end execution. Embracing the current trend of minimalism, Davis manipulates sleek and compact fabrications to create slim and straight-cut or nip-waisted and sculpted silhouettes. This juxtaposition of exact tailoring with an indulgent aesthetic results in a collection that feels both precise and luxurious.

Davis demonstrates his ability to elevate sporty elements to a chicer status, breathing new life into classic pieces. A prime example is the flight jacket, which is reimagined with a round, mid-century couture-inspired volume. Pairing it with a midi A-line skirt, Davis establishes a fresh skirt suit template that combines structure with sensuality. The collection also features cocoon-shaped hoodies, batwing-sleeve cropped blousons, and ultra-short shorts, all crafted from luxurious materials such as natté wool. These pieces cater to a younger audience, offering a sophisticated Ferragamo wardrobe with a hint of provocation.

What sets Davis's approach apart are the subtly "perverse undertones" he injects into his collections. In the 'Ferragamo Resort 2024' collection, these undertones manifest through the choice of accessories and details. Shiny black patent leather stretch boots with a curved high heel add a fetishistic edge to the looks, complementing the clean and linear constructions. Davis explains that every family has its taboos, and he skillfully infuses these hints of provocation into his designs, creating a sense of intrigue and individuality.

Maximilian Davis's 'Ferragamo Resort 2024' collection beautifully merges the designer's affinity for familial dynamics and the allure of Milanese sophistication. With precise tailoring, luxurious fabrications, and a touch of sensuality, Davis presents a fresh take on Ferragamo's timeless codes. From strong-shouldered coats to sporty-chic ensembles, the collection captivates with its meticulous attention to detail and subtly provocative undertones. With this collection, Ferragamo embraces a new era of refined elegance while staying true to its heritage of craftsmanship and style.

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