Helen Kaminski Spring Summer 2023 Lookbook

Helen Kaminski Spring Summer 2023 Lookbook

Helen Kaminski Spring Summer 2023 collection lookbook.

Helen Kaminski is back with its latest Spring Summer 2023 collection, To The Horizon, featuring a range of stunning hats that are sure to turn heads. This new collection draws inspiration from the sea and sky as symbols of renewal and optimism, and it is designed to create a sense of calm and luxury.

The collection features a range of handcrafted hats made from sustainable raffia, delicate broderie, suede, and crochet, which evoke a sense of tactility and craftsmanship. The brand's signature raffia seed insignia has been heartfully embellished on each piece, which is a tribute to the brand's 40 years of excellence in design.

To celebrate the spirit of new beginnings, the brand has reimagined archival materials with a 'swinging 70’s meets modern' mix of grounding palettes, subtle fabrics, vintage prints, and keepsake embellishments. The result is a collection that exudes a polished and effortless ease.

One of the most exciting things about this collection is the brand's new 'Kaminski' offering, which highlights gender inclusivity. The effortless Summer Suede and Washed Cotton Twills are perfect for both modern masculine and feminine styles. The iconic Britton raffia bucket hat is also back, now available in colours inspired by Sri Lankan sunsets, which will make a great addition to any summer outfit.

In addition to these offerings, the collection features the Raffia and Lace Braid, which pays homage to the skill of Helen Kaminski artisans in Sri Lanka. Each piece is intricately constructed, drawing influence from contemporary lacework and the dappled light of summer sun, resulting in a stunning range of hats that exude a sense of serenity and repose.

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