Isabel Marant Pre-Fall 2024 Lookbook

Isabel Marant Pre-Fall 2024 Lookbook

Isabel Marant Pre-Fall 2024 collection lookbook (25 outfits).

Isabel Marant takes a delightful detour in her Pre-Fall 2024 collection, infusing a touch of femininity into her traditionally androgynous approach to everyday dressing. With purple velvet and leopard print taking center stage, Marant redefines her tomboy style by adding sophisticated touches, all while embracing an unmistakable '80s vibe that permeates the entire lookbook.

Artistic director Kim Bekker sheds light on the unexpected influence of the '80s, stating, β€œThe ’80s was not part of our original intake, but we love a shoulder.” This love for bold shoulders is evident throughout the collection, adorning batwing minidresses, oversized blazers, and statement-making jackets. The ’80s influence extends to generously cut trousers, creating a powerful silhouette that speaks volumes about the wearer's confidence.

The juxtaposition of preppy elements, such as striped button-downs and checkered blazers, with edgier moto jeans, showcases Marant's ability to seamlessly blend contrasting styles. A white lace minidress, paired with slouch boots, masterfully avoids saccharine territory, striking a perfect balance between feminine and effortlessly cool. Quilted jackets take on a denim twist, while leather riding pants are transformed into shorts with cinched paper bag waists.

Prints play a pivotal role in the collection, with Marant fearlessly mixing florals and leopard prints. Vibrant colors like amethyst and ruby inject energy into the lineup, appearing on velvet minidresses and body-con numbers. The collection's footwear choice is equally daring, anchored by slouchy leopard print boots featuring an almost minuscule kitten heel, adding a touch of toughness with sharp metal points.

Emphasizing the importance of styling, Marant showcases a keen focus on accessories. Layers of necklaces and belts, embellished with hints of cowboy-inspired patterned silver studding, elevate the looks. Voluptuous sculpted jewelry pieces, hefty bangles, and the brand's iconic hobo bag contribute to the overall allure of the collection.

In a fashion landscape where female designers are underrepresented in top positions, Marant reflects on her approach, emphasizing practicality and wearability. While acknowledging the fantasy often associated with male designers, she highlights that women designers, including herself, bring a down-to-earth perspective, projecting their personal tastes into creations that are both stylish and comfortable.

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