Le Superbe Spring Summer 2024 Lookbook

Le Superbe Spring Summer 2024 Lookbook

Le Superbe Spring Summer 2024 collection lookbook.

Le Superbe's Spring Summer 2024 collection, as envisioned by Creative Director Jeannine Braden, embodies the essence of California beach life infused with the allure of Hollywood glamour. This juxtaposition of styles creates a captivating tension, resulting in a collection that is both laid-back and red carpet-ready, a testament to the brand's unique and alluring identity.

Bradens's creative vision is evident from the very first look, where a sequined bathing suit top is paired with green utility pants. This combination epitomizes the essence of Le Superbe, staying true to the brand's DNA while adding a sprinkling of extra flair. Braden's fearlessness in embracing extravagance while maintaining the practicality of everyday wear is commendable. The result is a collection that exudes confidence and optimism, where unfussy silhouettes meet vibrant, colorful details.

One of the standout features of this spring line is Braden's commitment to offering price-friendly yet stylish options. The collection boasts an array of highlights that exemplify this approach. From an ombre lace "throuple" that includes a boxy boyfriend button-up, a little camisole, and trousers, to hand-drawn palm-printed breezy layers, the assortment is both versatile and aesthetically pleasing. Signature midi skirts, whether pleated or sequined and paillette-decorated, are a testimony to the brand's attention to detail. Embellished shirting adds an element of sophistication, and the updated bestselling knit halterneck dress, adorned with 3D crochet floral accents, showcases the brand's commitment to keeping its collection fresh and exciting.

The choice of shooting the collection at the Eric Lloyd Wright Estate, located above First Point Malibu, is a stroke of genius. This modern property, once belonging to Frank Lloyd Wright's grandson, perfectly encapsulates the juxtapositions found in the collection. The merging of laid-back beach aesthetics with a touch of Hollywood glam is beautifully mirrored in this unique setting. Braden's decision to name the collection's styles after streets along the Pacific Coast Highway is a charming and thoughtful nod to the brand's Southern California roots, emphasizing its genuine connection to the locale.

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