Lutz Huelle Spring Summer 2024 Lookbook

Lutz Huelle Spring Summer 2024 Lookbook

Lutz Huelle Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at Paris Fashion Week SS24 (September 30, 2023).

Lutz Huelle's Spring Summer 2024 collection reflects the designer's recent ventures and experiences, which have infused his work with a sense of loosened-up, self-assured energy. In addition to two collaborations with AZ Factory, Huelle has taken on the role of overseeing the fashion department at the Geneva University of Art and Design, a role that allows him to break free from the fast-paced fashion cycle and share his invaluable experience with the next generation of designers.

This newfound energy is palpable in his latest collection, where he skillfully reimagines high fashion classics, such as the iconic bar jacket and tweed suit, through a denim-inspired lens. Vintage denim jackets serve as the starting point, deconstructed and reconstructed with materials typically associated with eveningwear, including sheer polka dot fabrics, sequins, and lace—a departure from the brand's traditional aesthetic and a first in its 23-year history. Feather-like laser-cut fabric adds a touch of ethereal lightness to the mix.

The juxtaposition of materials and silhouettes results in a collection that effortlessly bridges the gap between everyday wear and smart casual attire for more formal occasions. A standout piece is the polka dot mesh-clad denim bar jacket, which stands out as a personal favorite of Huelle's, along with the gold foil-coated jeans. When paired with trousers featuring see-through lace at the front, it exudes a tasteful and versatile look suitable for a PTA meeting. Switch to the ruffle asymmetric skirt, and it transforms into a chic ensemble perfect for hosting dinner parties.

Huelle's commitment to building a continuous wardrobe for those who value clothing beyond seasonal trends is evident in this collection. He emphasizes the versatility of his designs, with new season pieces seamlessly complementing 20-year-old Lutz Huelle classics—a testament to the enduring appeal and longevity of his creations. It's a pragmatic approach to fashion that Huelle embodies, and it's a mindset he hopes to instill in the next generation of designers at the Geneva University of Art and Design. Rather than seeking overnight sensations with fleeting impact, Huelle's long-term perspective and commitment to craftsmanship offer a refreshing perspective on the fashion industry—one that values timeless style and sustainability over trends and transience.

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