Margaret Howell Spring Summer 2024 Lookbook

Margaret Howell Spring Summer 2024 Lookbook

Margaret Howell Spring Summer 2024 collection lookbook (32 outfits).

There's a certain magic to Margaret Howell's clothes that makes them feel perfectly suited for the back-to-school season, evoking memories of sharpening pencils and the promise of a fresh start in September. As we explore her Spring-Summer 2024 collection, it's impossible not to notice the wardrobe staples that exude a sense of nostalgia and sophistication. From precisely pleated skirts to soft-hanging jackets and waterproof ponchos, every piece reflects Howell's dedication to crafting garments that stand the test of time.

Margaret Howell, in a candid moment, shared her childhood love for school uniforms—a sentiment that finds its way into this collection. Collaborating with her head of womenswear, Rosamund Ward, and head of menswear, Ioannis Cholidis, Howell introduces numerous collegiate touches to her designs. From silk shirts with collars inspired by Japanese schoolgirls to sweaters featuring ribbed, striped trims reminiscent of prep-school cricket teams, these details evoke a sense of academic nostalgia.

The look-book styling further underscores the campus mood, with tailored shorts paired with knee-high socks and roomy, wide-leg jeans combined with white shirts and gently knotted silk ties. This collection breathes life into the timeless appeal of school-inspired fashion.

Margaret Howell's vintage sensibilities are ever-present in her designs. In this collection, she offers a chunky leather belt to cinch the waist of a versatile linen shirtdress and a faded pink linen scarf adorned with printed roses. Howell's love for classic fashion finds a home in her designs, paying homage to her penchant for discovering treasures at jumble sales.

While Margaret Howell is known for her commitment to timeless designs, she occasionally introduces subtle innovations into her collections. This Spring-Summer 2024, she plays with the weight of fabrics and revisits classics from her archive. A lightweight, indigo denim shirtdress, crafted in Japan with black horn buttons, is a delightful addition. A cream cotton-twill boilersuit with a funnel neck exudes a timeless yet contemporary charm. A boyish checked midiskirt, paired with sporty black Mizuno running shoes and a boxy cropped black jacket, hints at Howell's ability to blend tradition with modernity.

Among the collection's highlights is a brown-hued shirtdress in cotton-poplin, adorned with Liberty's iconic Hera peacock feather motif. This unexpected gem, with its black collar, cuffs, and hem lining, adds an element of surprise to the collection. Ward explains, "We have elements of pattern when it feels right. Margaret worked with Liberty in the late '70s and '80s. We actually keep a lot of archive stuff, so we had all her swatch books from when she had a relationship with Liberty." This surprise addition to the collection seamlessly combines nostalgia with novelty.


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