Markarian Fall Winter 2024-25 Lookbook

Markarian Fall Winter 2024-25 Lookbook

Markarian Fall Winter 2024-2025 collection lookbook presented at NYFW FW24.

Alexandra O’Neill’s Fall Winter 2024-2025 collection for Markarian exudes a sense of sacredness and ethereal beauty, drawing inspiration from her visit to Venice and the awe-inspiring architecture of local churches. Departing from her usual floral motifs, O’Neill incorporates immaculate and sacred-heart designs into her pieces, offering a refreshing departure for the brand while catering to a wider audience.

The inclusion of these new motifs not only marks a creative evolution for O’Neill but also serves as a strategic business move, diversifying Markarian’s offerings and appealing to customers exploring the realm of eveningwear. Painterly, geometric prints and embroideries adorn the collection, adding depth and texture to each garment, while maintaining the brand's signature elegance.

In addition to new prints, O’Neill introduces innovative styles that redefine eveningwear. Structured peplum jackets paired with satin pants offer a more casual yet sophisticated approach to formal attire, blending comfort with refinement. The Gwendolyn gown, featuring a metallic floral top and dramatic mermaid bottom, exemplifies O’Neill’s ability to create statement pieces that are both visually stunning and functional. Despite their elaborate appearance, these garments are designed for ease of movement, allowing wearers to comfortably navigate any occasion.

While Markarian is known for its intricate designs, O’Neill ensures there is something for everyone in this collection, including those seeking simplicity. Incorporating a few simple black dresses, O’Neill adds a touch of minimalism to the lineup. A bias-cut gown, seemingly understated from the front, reveals a cascading train and exaggerated bow at the back, creating a captivating look that demands a second glance.

With Fall Winter 2024-2025, Markarian reaffirms its position as a purveyor of elegance and sophistication, while embracing new motifs and styles that reflect O’Neill’s creative vision. From sacred-heart motifs to structured silhouettes and minimalist designs, this collection embodies the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and timeless beauty.

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