Natori Fall Winter 2023-24 Haute Couture Lookbook

Natori Fall Winter 2023-24 Haute Couture Lookbook

Natori Fall Winter 2023-24 Haute Couture collection lookbook (18 outfits).

RenDrawing inspiration from the Year of the Dragon and her Filipino heritage, Natori introduces a captivating range of embroidered kimono-style jackets, coats, and capes. With meticulous attention to detail and a nod to traditional craftsmanship, this couture collection showcases a harmonious blend of opulence, cultural influences, and contemporary elegance.

In celebration of the upcoming Year of the Dragon, Natori incorporates the ancient symbol into her designs. Through intricate beading and embellishments, she breathes life into outerwear, dresses, and trousers. Floral patterns and friendly dragons dance across garments, infusing them with a sense of enchantment and mystique. Natori's creations serve as an antidote to the prevailing casualness of today's fashion landscape, offering a sophisticated alternative that embraces timeless allure.

Natori's couture collection elevates her signature ready-to-wear aesthetic, employing subdued shades of black and gold to create a refined and captivating palette. The collection showcases a range of stunning pieces, such as voluminous silk taffeta capes that evoke the essence of a puffer coat. Jackets with Mandarin collars shimmer subtly as they catch the light, and longer coats feature intricate thread knotting techniques, lending them a refined texture. A fringed cape, paying homage to Spanish influences on Natori's Filipino heritage, showcases the exceptional craftsmanship of her atelier.

Natori's attention to detail extends to every garment in the collection. Wide-leg Mandarin pants and structured bustiers are adorned with delicate flowers, adding a touch of grace and femininity. Mantilla lace and sequins take center stage in dresses and skirts, exuding sophistication and glamour. Furthermore, Natori pays homage to her lingerie heritage with a faux fur bralette, highlighting her mastery of combining luxury and sensuality.

Through her Fall/Winter 2023-2024 collection, Natori aims to shed light on the exceptional craftsmanship found in the Philippines. Influenced by three centuries of Spanish rule, the Philippines boasts a unique blend of European flair and rich cultural heritage. Natori takes pride in her atelier's dedication to hand-producing all of the pieces in her collection. She believes that the Philippines offers an accessible and affordable production hub, setting it apart in the industry.

This couture collection marks the next phase in the evolution of Josie Natori's brand. Building on her success in sleepwear, clothing, accessories, and homewares, Natori plans to expand her brand further. Her focus includes growing her core lingerie business in Europe through increased boutique and department store distribution. Additionally, Natori has ambitious plans for a jewelry project set to be unveiled in the fall, complementing her vision for a comprehensive luxury lifestyle brand.

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