Natori Fall Winter 2024-25 Lookbook

Natori Fall Winter 2024-25 Lookbook

Navigating Tradition with Modernity: Josie Natori's Fall Winter 2024-2025 Collection at NYFW.

Josie Natori’s Fall Winter 2024-2025 collection is an ode to the brand's rich legacy and its evolution into a contemporary fashion powerhouse. Drawing inspiration from the iconic 1984 lingerie campaign, "Natori State of Mind," the collection celebrates the brand's roots while infusing modern twists for today's fashion enthusiasts.

At the heart of the collection are the signature Natori East-meets-West elements: guipure and lingerie lace, scroll and paisley motifs, obi belts, and robe dressing. These traditional elements are seamlessly integrated into the fall silhouettes, showcasing a blend of elegance and versatility. From black lace-trimmed camisole tanks to intricately embroidered day dresses, each piece exudes sophistication with a modern edge.

A notable feature of the collection is the emphasis on monochrome set dressing, highlighting commercially friendly textures such as compact knit, double jersey, padded charmeuse, boiled wool, leather, and faux mink. The use of texture jacquard, silk charmeuse, and vegan lambskin layers adds depth and dimension to the outfits, creating a visually captivating ensemble.

In line with the brand's commitment to versatility, the collection focuses on building wardrobes with solid colors rather than prints. This approach allows for effortless mix-and-match styling, catering to the needs of contemporary consumers who seek both style and functionality in their clothing choices.

In addition to the Fall Winter collection, Natori introduces celebratory Year of the Dragon fashions throughout 2024. Inspired by the "Natori State of Mind," these dragon-detailed styles pay homage to the brand's heritage while offering a fresh interpretation for the modern wearer. From stylish tights to couture caftans, each piece is designed to make a statement and celebrate the spirit of the dragon.

Furthermore, Natori unveils its first unisex capsule collection, featuring T-shirts, kimonos, pants, and obi belts. This inclusive range reflects the brand's commitment to diversity and self-expression, offering fashion-forward options for individuals of all genders.

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