Orchard Moon Debut Collection Lookbook

Orchard Moon Debut Collection Lookbook

Orchard Moon presents its debut collection of luxury pyjama sets, featuring gorgeous floral prints in sustainable plant-based fabrics.

Their first collection is inspired by beautiful flower gardens, summer and daydreams. it comes in a colour palette of blues to echo water and sky, leafy greens, and gorgeous florals in pinks, oranges, yellows, peach and lilac, teasing between bright shades and pastels, offering a rainbow of hues in each set. All the prints feature detailed hand-painted florals, to recall the exuberance of summer and encourage the wearer to embrace their own creativity and individuality.

‘Calypso’ dances joyfully across the fabric in bold bouquets of colourful flowers, intertwined with subtle waves and ombre shadows on a dark blue background. ‘Camille’ features expressive impressionist brushstroke painted blooms in pink, lilac and gold on a luxurious warm off-white ground. The ‘Ephemeral Bloom’ print evokes those warm summer days, relaxing under the dappled light of your favourite tree, looking up through the leaves at the glorious blue sky. Whilst ‘Wild Rose’ is a super large scale hand-painted design featuring huge semi-abstract wild roses in subtle pastel shades of pink, with touches of golden yellow and minty pastel greens.

The Selina pyjamas are fitted yet flexible. The sizing is inclusive and designed to flatter a wide range of body types. The pyjama blouse has wide sleeves and cuffs and a clever reverse pleat on the back which expands to allow for movement and other carefully considered design touches like a curved hem which is slightly lower at the back, and the trousers feature a flattering straight leg cut with reverse pleats that expand over the hips and thighs.

The fabric for each set is a medium-weight silky cellulose-based material, using Tencel and lyocell filament, two of the most sustainable fabrics available, produced with the cellulose found in trees. Trees are an excellent resource to make fabric with because they already grow in suitable environments, they do not require intensive farming methods or any extra water, other than what nature can provide. Lyocell filament is a groundbreaking material, unlike fibres, which are a staple length, lyocell filament is a continuous strand (as is silk and nylon), spun together to create the ultimate smoothest, silkiest fabric. Tencel has a tendency to fibrillate, which gives it a cosy, fuzzy peach skin like texture. The two fibres combined create a truly unique and sensual soothing sensation on the body.

Discover all the pieces at OrchardMoon.com.

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