Our Legacy Spring Summer 2024 Lookbook

Our Legacy Spring Summer 2024 Lookbook

Our Legacy Spring Summer 2024 collection lookbook.

In the realm of ever-present smartphones and manipulated images, our perception of reality is often fractured. The fusion of stage-managed visuals, AI advancements, and deep fake technology has made it challenging to trust what we see. Against this backdrop, Our Legacy's Spring/Summer 2024 collection, titled "April in Winter," delves into the concept of touch and intimacy amidst a splintered reality. Christopher Nying, the designer behind the collection, skillfully incorporates personal experiences and captures the essence of the zeitgeist.

Nying's collection centers around the themes of light and temperature, particularly exploring the heightened sense of "awakening" during the transition from winter to spring. However, this awakening is often thwarted by unexpected cold spells and nature's whims. The designer explains the uncertainty that arises from such fluctuations, which manifests in the styling of the Our Legacy models—dressed in multiple light layers to accommodate varying contingencies.

Building upon the previous season's aesthetics, Nying sought to extend the established language into the realm of spring. The collection can be viewed as a sequel, with familiar fall silhouettes and garments reimagined in thin, airy fabrics. This transformative approach almost serves as camouflage, blending seasonal boundaries. For instance, snowflake knit sweaters are crafted using a "breathable" hemp yarn that mimics the appearance of wool suiting. Nying further challenges gender norms, offering elements suitable for both men and women, albeit with different sizing.

The collection exudes an earthy palette and layered compositions, evoking a skogsmulle (forest troll) aesthetic. While maintaining a grown-up, work-ready appeal, there are also citified looks within the lineup. Notably, a model in a plaid-zip up outfit conjures images of early Oasis, while other pieces feature pigment dye that fades over time, imparting a vintage feel. The inclusion of bondage accessories complements the hair-raising prints inspired by VHS horror movies.

Nying draws inspiration from his childhood, reminiscing about watching horror movies like "The Ladder" during the daytime to mitigate fear. He cleverly incorporates the concept of "horror in the day" alongside other binaries, such as spring and winter, and perception and reality. This tactile collection beautifully captures the essence of everyday life, finding the extraordinary within the mundane.

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