Palmer Harding Pre-Fall 2024 Lookbook

Palmer Harding Pre-Fall 2024 Lookbook

Palmer Harding Pre-Fall 2024 collection lookbook (15 outfits).

Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding continue to chart new territories in the fashion industry with their Pre-Fall 2024 collection. Embracing introspection as the driving force behind their creative process, the designers have crafted a collection that seamlessly weaves together the brand's historical signatures with innovative adaptations.

In a departure from convention, the Pre-Fall 2024 collection places a strong emphasis on daywear, reflecting the designers' exploration of their past while discovering fresh ways to reinterpret their iconic elements. Despite the challenges posed by a studio relocation, Palmer and Harding remain committed to playing to their strengths.

Palmer Harding's longstanding expertise in shirt craftsmanship takes center stage in the collection. Skillfully fashioned from poplin, the shirts undergo a transformative evolution, offering versatility as they can be worn as either a shirt dress or a halter dress. The incorporation of tassel button loops empowers the wearer to personalize their silhouette, exemplifying the brand's commitment to adaptability.

The collection introduces a standout piece that initially masquerades as a canvas trench coat but reveals itself upon closer inspection. This cleverly designed item transforms into a cropped tailored jacket with statement sleeves, perfectly paired with a separate A-line pencil skirt. This innovative approach to outerwear exemplifies Palmer Harding's commitment to surprising and delighting their clientele.

Known for their impeccable tailoring, Palmer Harding takes a detour this season by focusing on relaxed, casual pieces as a daytime alternative to traditional suiting. Lightweight technical wool serves as the primary material, fashioned into languid sets featuring exaggerated shawl lapels and wrap accents. This collection strikes a harmonious balance between a sophisticated suit and the comfort of a cozy robe.

Adding a contemporary twist to traditional tailoring, the designers introduce cropped double-breasted jackets that subtly showcase shirts beneath. This subtle yet impactful detail adds a layer of complexity to the ensembles, underscoring Palmer Harding's commitment to pushing boundaries while maintaining a sense of timeless elegance.

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