Roberto Cavalli Pre-Fall 2024 Lookbook

Roberto Cavalli Pre-Fall 2024 Lookbook

Roberto Cavalli Pre-Fall 2024 collection lookbook (36 outfits).

Fausto Puglisi's latest venture into the Roberto Cavalli realm for Pre-Fall 2024 is a vibrant celebration of fashion without pretense, as highlighted in the designer's commitment to delivering "no bullshit" fashion. Puglisi's keen understanding of the diverse demographic of women seeking his creations is evident in a collection that speaks to freedom, fun, and a fearless disregard for judgment.

The collection weaves a Spaghetti Western narrative, artfully mingling transnational influences with the rich cultural tapestry of Italian design. Puglisi masterfully plays with Americana, introducing an Appaloosa print and a bandana motif, seamlessly incorporating Zebra stripes into the traditional paisley. The collection's boldness extends to gaucho hats, swirling malachite prints, and a daring sharkskin-over-zebra concoction.

What sets this collection apart is Puglisi's dedication to making high fashion instantly understandable. From form-fitting dresses in various fabrics, including clingy chenille and floaty chiffon, to boldly textured velvet and dévoré metallics, each piece communicates a sense of power and freedom. Pajama sets, big-silhouette separates, and tailoring in Milanese tonal herringbone provide versatility, while red, white, and blue wools, embroidered with desert florals, add a touch of Americana flair.

Puglisi's maximalism is unabashedly embodied in mega-puffers with bandana prints, fringed leather skirts, and a standout cracked leather trench. The collection's exuberance extends to accessories, featuring fang-heeled footwear and tiger-head handbags that amplify Cavalli's Florentine maximalist legacy.

In a departure from the brand's signature wild patterns, Puglisi takes inspiration from far-flung landscapes, such as the Argentinian pampas and the Arizona desert. The introduction of an Appaloosa horse motif and a malachite-inspired pattern breathes fresh life into the Cavalli repertoire, demonstrating Puglisi's ability to innovate while honoring the brand's heritage.

What truly captivates is Puglisi's emphasis on clean lines and simplicity. The elongated silhouettes, bias-cut silk dresses, and fringed leather separates exude an exotic flair with an unfussy appeal. Puglisi's nod to Cavalli's love for travel and fascination with stones and water landscapes is evident in the new malachite motif and bandana-like graphics rendered in eye-catching colorways.

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