Roland Mouret Pre-Fall 2023 Lookbook

Roland Mouret Pre-Fall 2023 Lookbook

Roland Mouret Pre-Fall 2023 collection lookbook (28 outfits).

Roland Mouret, the designer renowned for his signature folding technique, has unveiled his latest collection in the Pre-Fall 2023 lookbook. The designer's mastery of fabric manipulation is evident in every piece, with Mouret effortlessly transforming décolleté and hipline with just a few deft folds.

With two decades of experience under his belt, Mouret's folding technique remains as instinctual as ever. As he says, "Even with simplicity, there's the necessity of having a signature." And that signature is on full display in the latest collection.

Teaming up with Han Chong of Self-Portrait, the new incarnation of the Mouret label is aimed at attracting both a younger and loyal customer base. The collection is a fusion of thoughtful construction and sleek silhouettes, showcasing Mouret's expertise in creating designs that are both contemporary and timeless.

While the signature folding technique remains a key feature of the collection, there are new elements at play. The designer has introduced spangly flourishes, including glitter and aquamarine sequins, adding a touch of sparkle to the designs. The color palette is dominated by bright, optimistic hues, with shades of acid lime, emerald green, and red featuring prominently.

Mouret sees color as a tool for well-being and life expression, and his love of vibrant hues is evident in the Pre-Fall 2023 collection. As he says, "I am an extremist and a minimalist at the same time. I need to express life through color."

Overall, the Roland Mouret Pre-Fall 2023 collection lookbook showcases the designer's mastery of fabric manipulation and his ability to create designs that are elegant, contemporary, and timeless. With Mouret's signature folding technique and the introduction of spangly flourishes and bright hues, this collection is sure to be a hit with both new and loyal customers alike.

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