Sandy Liang Resort 2025 Lookbook

Sandy Liang Resort 2025 Lookbook

Sandy Liang Resort 2025 collection lookbook (20 outfits).

Sandy Liang's Resort 2025 collection takes a nostalgic trip, reimagining workwear and flight attendant uniforms for the modern woman.

"I'm super obsessed with nostalgia," Liang says, channeling that love for the past into a fresh and wearable line. This season, her inspiration takes flight, with a playful twist on what she would design for Japan Airlines flight attendants. But the collection also reflects the polished workwear vibes she explored last season.

"You are 30 and you go to work, what does that look like?" Liang ponders, showcasing pieces she describes as both stylish and practical.

The collection offers a delightful exploration of reinterpreted classics. A pink pinstripe button-up with a matching tie and pleated skirt feels preppy yet playfully sweet. Ties make a recurring appearance, adorning crisp white shirts, peeking out from under navy cardigans, and adding a touch of whimsy to office-appropriate skirts.

The era Liang draws from is purposefully ambiguous, with hints of a Mod influence – a style one might have worn when flying was a glamorous affair. A case in point: an aqua blue top with a surprising cutout above the chest, paired with a layered apron skirt and pants in a pale blue. The look is both chic and effortlessly cool, perfectly capturing the essence of the Sandy Liang woman: young, but not too young, and undeniably stylish.

For those seeking a more relaxed vibe, the collection offers hoodies, a style Liang introduced last season that proved to be an instant hit.

Accessories complete the look, with a new take on Liang's signature ballet flats, her oversized satin sash bow bags, and a range of belts that layer perfectly over collegiate knits.

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