Sharon Wauchob Fall Winter 2023-24 Lookbook

Sharon Wauchob Fall Winter 2023-24 Lookbook

Sharon Wauchob Fall Winter 2023-2024 collection lookbook (25 outfits).

Wauchob's Fall Winter 2023-2024 collection is a delicate balance of simplicity and sophistication. She embraces a "boudoir" theme that has been gaining momentum in the fashion world, but with her unique touch, lace and net are transformed into airy, graceful elements that transcend the ordinary. Lingerie and pajama-inspired pieces are beautifully constructed, showcasing the designer's meticulous attention to detail. A floor-length tulle skirt, cut on the circle with interlinking bias circles to create shape, pays homage to iconic designers like Vionnet while adding a contemporary twist with a touch of the '90s.

One of the standout features of Wauchob's Fall collection is her play with motion and emergence. Fringe and feathers come alive as materials that bounce and sway, adding a sense of freedom and spontaneity to the collection. The designer also introduces multi-purpose accessories, such as a silk-velvet hood and feathered sleeves, that can be layered over traditional pieces to create contrasting textures and play with the dichotomy of hard and soft, feminine and masculine. It's a nod to the idea of layering being more interesting than overdesigning, showing Wauchob's keen eye for innovation and versatility.

Beyond the aesthetics, Wauchob's Fall collection also reflects her commitment to sustainability and a human-centric approach. She prioritizes local production for the pajama pants and tops, using wafty, sustainable silk. Her clothes boast an expert hand and a human touch, inviting tactile engagement between fabric and skin. As she looks towards creating a retail experience for her customers, Wauchob continues to challenge herself and venture into new territories, exemplifying her continuous evolution as a designer.

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