Tibi Pre-Fall 2024 Lookbook

Tibi Pre-Fall 2024 Lookbook

Tibi Pre-Fall 2024 collection lookbook.

Tibi's Amy Smilovic has once again showcased her practical yet stylish approach in the Pre-Fall 2024 collection lookbook. While pre-fall is traditionally associated with summer aesthetics, Smilovic takes a pragmatic stance, acknowledging that summer is not just about leisurely activities but also about getting things done. The collection reflects the brand's commitment to creating versatile pieces for a customer who values functionality without compromising on style.

In response to the dynamic nature of a working woman's summer, Tibi introduces roomy suiting, full skirts, lightweight denim, and knits. The emphasis is on comfort, with designs that are loose and airy, allowing wearers to navigate through their busy schedules with ease. Smilovic ensures that nothing in the collection clings tightly to the body, providing the perfect solution for scorching summer days when the last thing one wants is restrictive clothing.

The color palette for the Pre-Fall 2024 collection is a testament to Smilovic's keen understanding of both style and practicality. Described as "colors with -ish at the end," the collection features shades like greenish, reddish, and brownish. These hues, paired with the loose silhouettes, contribute to a sense of ease and effortlessness. The unexpected colors on one or two-piece outfits make a bold statement without being overwhelming.

Tibi, not typically known for bold prints, surprises with the revival of a batik floral pattern from Smilovic's inaugural collection in 1997. Having lived in Solo, Indonesia, at the time, she collaborated with a local family to create this large-scale print. The batik floral makes a reappearance on semi-structured pieces such as camp shirts and board shorts made from a techy nylon, blending tradition with modernity.

True to Smilovic's reputation as "The Creative Pragmatist," the Pre-Fall 2024 collection is designed to address common challenges in the summer wardrobe. The inclusion of oversized blazers suitable for any occasion and lightweight knits that can be easily packed exemplify the collection's problem-solving approach. These versatile pieces can seamlessly transition from a beach day to a movie theater or an air-conditioned office, reflecting the brand's commitment to practical elegance.

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