Toga Spring Summer 2024 Lookbook

Toga Spring Summer 2024 Lookbook

Toga Spring Summer 2024 collection lookbook (22 outfits).

Toga's Spring Summer 2024 collection, orchestrated by the enigmatic designer Yasuko Furuta, offers an intriguing blend of assertiveness, femininity, and approachability. With only three words to define her collections each season, Furuta's choice of "assertive," "feminine," and "approach" hints at the multi-faceted nature of her creative vision, one that has captivated fashion enthusiasts for over two decades.

The "feminine" aspect of the collection is manifested through a selection of key elements, including lace, shirred cotton, crochet, ribbon appliqu├ęs, and an abundance of pink. However, in Furuta's hands, these traditionally feminine elements are transmuted into something more daring and edgy. Lace trims, bodices, and fishnet materials cling sensually to the body, evoking a hint of fetishism. Ruched sleeves and unconventional necklines add an offbeat charm that aligns with the creative spirit of the women who might wear these pieces. Furuta's ability to reinterpret femininity into a more provocative and audacious form showcases her unique design prowess.

The collection's lookbook, lensed by Dutch photographer Liv Liberg, showcases Furuta's ability to use fashion as a mirror reflecting the tastes and aspirations of the women around her. The partnership between Furuta and Liberg began with an exhibition in Tokyo, featuring images of Furuta's clothing worn by Liberg's sister and mother. This approach underscores Furuta's knack for pushing women towards more adventurous sartorial choices while respecting their individuality. It's a testament to her capacity to engage with her audience on an intellectual level.

Despite the cerebral nature of Furuta's design philosophy, her enduring success, now spanning 26 years, is not accidental. The collection boasts a range of highly covetable pieces. Button-downs adorned with netted sleeves and chunky cotton tops embellished with clouds of black silk bursting from the shoulders are bound to become instant favorites and quickly disappear from store shelves. Toga continues to captivate with its ability to blend the sweet with the steely, offering fashion enthusiasts an exciting and irresistible fusion of daring femininity and innovative design.

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