Vetements Spring Summer 2024 Lookbook

Vetements Spring Summer 2024 Lookbook

Vetements Spring Summer 2024 collection lookbook (78 looks).

Vetements, the avant-garde fashion label helmed by designer Guram Gvasalia, unveiled its highly anticipated Spring Summer 2024 collection, captivating the fashion world with its unique blend of reality and artificial intelligence (AI). This season, Gvasalia explores the concept of AI's influence on perception and creativity while championing the role of human craftsmanship. Through oversized silhouettes, innovative fabrications, and unexpected collaborations, Vetements once again pushes the boundaries of fashion and makes a powerful statement about the intersection of technology and humanity.

Gvasalia draws inspiration from his childhood fascination with Magic Eye books, which altered his perception of reality. He likens AI technology to these books, as both allow people to visualize things that were previously unimaginable. While acknowledging the potential of AI, Gvasalia remains steadfast in his belief that true quality can only be achieved by human hands.

In a world where Apple's headset and full-fledged AI experiences are yet to be realized, Vetements sought to create a physical object that emulated the look and feel of an AI-generated image. The collection's lookbook features captivating 3D effects reminiscent of the Magic Eye books, bridging the gap between the real and virtual worlds. By infusing physical garments with the essence of AI, Vetements offers a unique perspective on the transformative power of technology.

While exploring the realm of AI, Gvasalia places a strong emphasis on championing the human element in fashion. He asserts that the collection is fundamentally anti-AI, highlighting the irreplaceable value of human craftsmanship. In an era dominated by automation and machine-driven processes, Vetements celebrates the intrinsic creativity and skill that only human hands can deliver.

Gvasalia's creative vision is deeply influenced by nostalgia, as seen in the use of a tailor's dummy—a relic from his childhood—as an essential tool in the design process. Vetements's "canvas" is a high-tech 3D scan of a tailor's dummy printed on a sustainably developed double-stretch fabric. This juxtaposition of tradition and innovation serves as a reminder of the enduring value of craftsmanship in an ever-evolving fashion landscape.

The Spring Summer 2024 collection reveals intentional parallels between Vetements and Balenciaga, another fashion house with strong ties to Gvasalia's creative family. Through the exploration of shared design language, Gvasalia reinforces the notion that creativity transcends individual labels and showcases a collective vision. The collection's oversized ball gowns, in particular, allude to Demna Gvasalia's work at Balenciaga, further emphasizing the connection between the brothers' design philosophies.

Vetements excels in showcasing its ability to push boundaries, and the Spring Summer 2024 collection is no exception. The exaggerated proportions of supersized hoodies, bombers, pantsuits, and jeans are amplified by scaling up the brand's already oversized silhouettes by 16 times. Overcoming initial production challenges, Vetements defies conventional limitations to create hyperbolic shapes reminiscent of virtual reality, with pants that cascade like poured taffy.

Surprising onlookers, Vetements makes a bold move into evening wear in this collection. Collaborating with renowned designer Elie Saab, Gvasalia presents sequined mermaid dresses of exceptional beauty. The success of this venture has already led to inquiries from high-profile clients seeking Vetements bridal gowns. The collection features two wedding dress proposals, including a t-shirt gown with a remarkable six-meter-diameter skirt, and a long-sleeved stretch panné velvet creation with equally prodigious proportions.

The collection's thought-provoking pieces extend beyond aesthetics. Notably, a hoodie emblazoned with the words "Wikipedia Editor" challenges the accuracy of historical narratives. Gvasalia recognizes the potential for change in the history of Vetements and the fashion industry at large. Through his audacious designs and ambition, he aims to inject new narratives and perspectives into the annals of fashion history.

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