Wolk Morais Spring Summer 2024 Lookbook

Wolk Morais Spring Summer 2024 Lookbook

Wolk Morais Spring Summer 2024 collection lookbook (24 outfits).

In a bold departure from the hustle and bustle of New York City, renowned designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais, the creative forces behind Wolk Morais, have spent nearly a decade embracing the tranquil ambiance of Los Angeles. Pioneering the significant fashion migration of the early 2010s, they have successfully integrated themselves into the heart of Hollywood, cultivating a network of esteemed friends within the film industry. Adapting to the challenges posed by the pandemic, they ingeniously sought unconventional means to unveil their collections beyond traditional runway presentations. Drawing inspiration from their shared passion for cinema, they ventured into the realm of filmmaking, quickly realizing the expressive potential it offered for their designs. As Brian Wolk aptly observed, this transition allowed them to convey their creative vision in a more profound and nuanced manner.

"Recto/Verso" represents the 11th installment in the Wolk Morais collection, marking their fourth foray into the world of fashion film. The title, derived from Latin, translates to 'front' and 'back', serving as a thematic foundation that delves into the cult of celebrity and the dual nature of public and private personas. Drawing inspiration from Jean Genet's influential play, "Elle," and narrated by their dear friend Alan Cumming, the collection was brought to life within the storied confines of Western Costume, a legendary Hollywood costume house that holds a special place in the hearts of the designers.

This latest collection seamlessly builds upon the themes explored in previous seasons, embodying the sustainable ethos that has come to define the Wolk Morais brand. The designers ingeniously employ deadstock textiles to further evolve their signature silhouettes, which encompass red carpet gowns, sharply tailored suits, and ruffled blouses favored by luminaries such as Cate Blanchett, Janelle Monae, and Natasha Lyonne. The concept of duality permeates the collection, manifesting through gender fluidity, the interplay of prints and patterns, and the incorporation of contrasting fabrics. Notably, the majority of the pieces feature striking patterns on the front and an absence of such on the reverse.

The collection showcases a diverse range of garments, from impeccably tailored suits adorned with bold plaids or houndstooth patterns, featuring peak lapels and fluid flared pants, to sheer bias-cut gowns crafted from '80s couture silk devoré and lace. Deadstock denim breathes new life into workwear jumpsuits and capes. Vibrantly colored catsuits, incorporated as a foundational layer throughout the collection, are meticulously fashioned from lace remnants originating from the 1970s, sourced from a studio specializing in dance costumes. Sustainability remains a cornerstone of the Wolk Morais brand, and their commitment to working within the constraints of pre-existing materials consistently yields surprising and fascinating outcomes. Their preference for the medium of film over still images is aptly justified, as it allows the tactile nature of the garments to be vividly illustrated, capturing the textures and weight that inform the fluid movement of each piece. The Recto/Verso collection stands as a testament to their dedication to craftsmanship, innovation, and their unwavering commitment to sustainability.

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