Kendam FAQ

General Questions

What is Kendam?

Kendam is a fashion news site and content distribution platform for the fashion industry.

How can I help Kendam?

You can talk about us on your social media pages or fund the project directly.

How to contact Kendam?

Visit the contact page.

Brands Questions

What my brand can publish on Kendam?

New collections or previews of future releases (such as lookbooks) or fashion events (runway, expositions). Current collections in form of advertising campaigns.

Models Questions

Is Kendam a model agency?

Kendam lists modeling agencies and models, but it's not a model agency itself.

Curiosity Questions

Is Kendam environmentally friendly?

Yes. The datacenters where Kendam runs are carbon neutral.

Who created Kendam?

Kendam is a project created by Marco Brucci.