Kendam FAQ

General Questions

What is Kendam?

Kendam is a fashion news site and content distribution platform for the fashion industry. To learn more about Kendam, we invite you to explore our about page.

How can I contact Kendam?

To get in touch with Kendam, please visit our contact page.

Brands Questions

Why isn't my brand listed on Kendam?

It's possible that your PR and Marketing directors may not have established trust with Kendam yet, or we might not have come across your brand. If you believe your brand meets our criteria, please feel free to get in touch with us. We'll gladly consider adding it to Kendam's directory of brands.

What types of content can my brand share on Kendam?

Your brand can share a range of content on Kendam, including new collections or previews of upcoming releases, like lookbooks, as well as coverage of fashion events such as runway shows and exhibitions. You can also present your current collections through advertising campaigns.

Models Questions

Is Kendam a model agency?

No, Kendam is not a model agency. Instead, it serves as a platform that lists modeling agencies and models within the fashion industry.

Curiosity Questions

Is Kendam environmentally friendly?

Absolutely. Kendam is deeply committed to sustainability. Our datacenters run on carbon-neutral technology, operating twice as efficiently as traditional alternatives. Our product design adheres to circular principles, emphasizing responsible resource usage.

Why is there a thunder in the Kendam logo?

The thunder in Kendam logo is a symbol of strength, impact, and daring innovation. It represents the influential and impactful nature of our fashion coverage, which is always at the forefront of cutting-edge trends, exuding excitement and dynamism. Much like thunder's ability to grab attention, our use of this imagery is intended to captivate fashion enthusiasts, ensuring they stay engaged in the vibrant world of fashion trends and developments.

Who created Kendam?

Kendam is a project created by Marco Brucci.