Acne Studios Fall Winter 2023-24 Campaign

Acne Studios Fall Winter 2023-24 Campaign

Acne Studios Fall Winter 2023-2024 denim campaign featuring Kylie Jenner (Model), Carlijn Jacobs (Photographer), Jonny Johansson (Creative Director).

In an unexpected departure from their usual approach, Acne Studios has chosen Kylie Jenner as the focal point of their Fall 2023 denim campaign. The renowned model, influencer, and reality TV star has been skillfully photographed by Carlijn Jacobs in a striking contrast between her pristine surroundings in an empty white studio and the denim's deliberately distressed and grungy appearance, mimicking dirt and disrepair. This edgy aesthetic is further emphasized in the beauty styling, featuring a wet look and mud splatters that give the impression Jenner has spent the day tinkering with vintage dune buggies in a garage, although it's safe to say she probably hasn't.

Acne Studios, known for its unconventional and distinctive approach to fashion and communication, has built a devoted following precisely because it doesn't conform to industry norms. Given this reputation, the choice of Kylie Jenner as the campaign's face raises questions about whether she truly aligns with the brand's unique identity. Jenner is a ubiquitous presence in fashion campaigns, often collaborating with brands that have a vastly different ethos from Acne Studios. Although one image in the campaign hints at a thought-provoking exploration of celebrity image and identity through the use of double Jenners, the overall campaign doesn't fully delve into this concept, leaving no doubt that Kylie's presence is the central focus.

While Acne Studios has occasionally cast celebrities, such as RosalĂ­a, their choices have typically aligned with the performer's distinct and unconventional qualities. In contrast, Kylie Jenner's mainstream celebrity status as a mega-model seems at odds with the brand's carefully cultivated persona. While this decision may broaden the brand's appeal to new demographics, it runs the risk of alienating its core fan base, which values the brand for its distinctive character and non-conformist ethos.

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