Balenciaga Summer 2024 Campaign

Balenciaga Summer 2024 Campaign

Balenciaga Summer 2024 Campaign shot by Jitka Hanzlová.

At the heart of Balenciaga Summer 24 Campaign are individuals who embody diversity, creativity, and authenticity. From Demna's mother, Ella, to his husband, the renowned musician BFRND, and his former professor Linda Loppa, each person contributes to the multifaceted narrative of the Balenciaga brand. Joining them are acclaimed artist Eliza Douglas, actress Renata Litvinova, and friend of the House Krish Ghai, alongside repeat Balenciaga runway models Tommy Blue, Noureddine Boudaakat, Simone Embrack, Bibi Hoad, Jay Pak, and Khadim Sock. Together, they form a dynamic ensemble that reflects the essence of Balenciaga's vision.

The campaign unfolds against a backdrop of architectural grandeur, with each individual photographed against seamless backdrops adorned with to-scale imagery reminiscent of opulent mansions. However, what sets these portraits apart is the subtle manipulation of space and perspective, blurring the lines between the three-dimensional subjects and the two-dimensional environment. This deliberate ambiguity challenges conventional notions of luxury, inviting viewers to question the boundaries between reality and illusion.

Accompanying the still portraits is a mesmerizing video series that further deconstructs the notion of space within the campaign. As the backdrop is dismantled or repositioned, the viewer is confronted with the fluidity of perception, reinforcing the theme of transformation and evolution that underpins Balenciaga's aesthetic.

Central to the campaign narrative is the juxtaposition between the flatness of architectural imagery and the depth of the collection itself. Balenciaga's Summer 24 Collection is a masterful fusion of hybrid ready-to-wear, fluid tailoring, fitted casualwear, and trompe l'oeil accessories. Each garment and accessory embodies a sense of innovation and creativity, reflecting Demna's unparalleled vision for the future of fashion.

Behind the lens of this groundbreaking campaign is fine art photographer Jitka Hanzlová, renowned for her ability to capture the essence of identity and belonging with sensitivity and depth. Through her distinctive visual language, Hanzlová brings a nuanced perspective to the Balenciaga narrative, elevating the campaign to new heights of artistic expression.

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