Chanel Cruise 2024 Campaign

Chanel Cruise 2024 Campaign

Chanel Cruise 2024 Campaign featuring Anna Ewers, Lola Bahia (Models), Inez van Lamsweerde, Vinoodh Matadin aka Inez & Vinoodh (Photographers), Virginie Viard (Creative Director) in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California.

Chanel's Cruise 2024 collection campaign, shot and directed by Inez & Vinoodh, ventures into the vibrant and glamorous world of an idealized Los Angeles, specifically embracing the popular Barbiecore trend that dominated the fashion scene. The collection, inspired by the fantasy of Malibu Barbie's love for roller skating, surfing, and neon aesthetics, brings together two contrasting worlds: the old-world glamour of Hollywood and the lively, sporty vibe of Venice Beach.

The campaign features house muses Anna Ewers and Lola Bahia in high-style evening looks from Virginie's collection against the backdrop of Venice Beach's boardwalks, beaches, and basketball courts. Inez & Vinoodh skillfully capture the juxtaposition of the classic Hollywood elegance and the colorful, health-conscious athleticism of Venice Beach, with the sunset casting a purple hue over the scenes and highlighting the gold accents and glittery pink surfboard of the collection.

However, the review notes a critical point of contention. Despite the visual appeal of the campaign, there's a disconnect between the dreamy, elegant approach of the visuals and the sporty, playful essence of the collection. The lack of playfulness, joy, and a sense of humor is highlighted, creating a tension that makes it challenging to take the scenes from the world of Malibu Barbie seriously. The campaign's serious tone seems to clash with the inherently playful nature of the collection.

This critique extends to Chanel's broader approach, suggesting that the brand, despite attempting to introduce new concepts, struggles to break free from a traditional notion of luxury that may not resonate with younger consumers. The campaign is portrayed as lacking the innovation and dynamism needed to connect with a more contemporary audience.

Despite these challenges, the review acknowledges the excitement of witnessing established brands like Chanel experiment with new aesthetic ideas within their heritage. While the execution may not have fully paid off in this instance, there's recognition that the concept holds promise, particularly for dedicated Chanel enthusiasts who may appreciate the brand's attempts to evolve and incorporate fresh elements into its established identity.


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