Elisabetta Franchi Fall Winter 2023-24 Campaign

Elisabetta Franchi Fall Winter 2023-24 Campaign

Elisabetta Franchi Fall Winter 2023-2024 campaign featuring Stella Maxwell (Model), shot by Sebastián Faena (Photographer), Hugo Villard (Makeup Artist), Michal Bielecki (Hair Stylist).

Elisabetta Franchi's Fall-Winter 2023/24 campaign is a captivating ode to strength, elegance, and refinement, brought to life through the mesmerizing collaboration between the esteemed Italian designer, the internationally acclaimed model Stella Maxwell, and the creative genius of Carine Roitfeld. Shot by the talented Sebastian Faena, the campaign unfolds within the enchanting backdrop of a romantic palace, radiating allure and Parisian charm.

Stella Maxwell, the face of this campaign, effortlessly embodies the essence of femininity and class, harmonizing flawlessly with Elisabetta Franchi's philosophy that reveres the timeless elegance and style of contemporary women. Carine Roitfeld's creative touch is palpable throughout, elevating the campaign to new heights by capturing the sophisticated essence inherent in the brand's DNA.

The visual storytelling crafted by Sebastian Faena transforms Elisabetta Franchi's vision into an extraordinary experience that transcends the ordinary. Through his poetic lens, Faena breathes life into each frame, creating a series of images that not only showcase the exquisite garments but also evoke unique and profound emotions. The campaign becomes more than a mere display of fashion; it becomes a celebration of the strength, elegance, and refinement that define the modern woman.

"The new advertising campaign is a tribute to the strength, elegance, and refinement of women. Stella Maxwell embodies these values perfectly," declares Elisabetta Franchi, emphasizing the profound connection between the campaign and the empowering ethos of the brand.


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