Gucci Holiday 2023 Campaign

Gucci Holiday 2023 Campaign

Gucci Holiday 2023 Campaign shot by Anthony Seklaoui.

Gucci commemorates the shared moments of joy and connection that bind individuals during the holiday season through its latest 2023 Gift Giving campaign. Executed with precision by photographer Anthony Seklaoui and under the discerning film direction of Marcell Rev, the campaign stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to celebrating the essence of the festive season.

Seklaoui's photographic compositions manifest as spontaneous portraits and tableaus captured amid the lively atmosphere of holiday gatherings. Subjects engage with the camera with an impromptu gaze, conveying a sense of immediacy. Additionally, the lens explores exquisite outfit details and candid moments of intimate connection. The bold utilization of flash by the photographer introduces a chromatic interplay, with reds, greens (coincidentally mirroring Gucci's iconic colors, synonymous with Christmas), and jewel tones juxtaposed against rich neutrals.

The campaign's most notable achievement lies in its cinematic component, which enhances and contextualizes individual vignettes through a technically sophisticated approach. Set against a mythologized Manhattan backdrop, the film unfolds with a compelling visual concept—a single backward-moving camera shot. Commencing in an upscale apartment with an elegant couple returning from a holiday outing, the shot traverses backward, spanning over a street hundreds of feet below and through the window of another apartment hosting a festive gathering among friends. This sequence continues, traversing through an intimate celebratory dinner, a lively party, and concludes with a couple sharing an intimate moment on the apartment's fire escape.

Sabato De Sarno's creative prowess has long been anticipated in a campaign that aligns seamlessly with Gucci's standards, and with this endeavor, he delivers. The short film impeccably amalgamates an aspirational fantasy and creative sophistication with the grounded allure characteristic of De Sarno's previous campaigns. Conceptually ingenious and executed with precision, the campaign not only ushers in anticipation for the gifting season but also leaves us eager to witness Gucci's future endeavors.


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